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Monday, April 16, 2018

Solved one of the mysteries of the cat’s tail

American vet Carlo Siracusa representing the University of Pennsylvania, found scientific apply the fact that the movements of the cat’s tail is much to learn about in what mood is the cat itself. The scientist even made a list of the provisions of the tail, indicating a particular mood of a pet.

photo: pixabay.com

Many of the conclusions reached by the veterinarian, will hardly be a surprise for the kotovladeltsev with experience, but in General a list of “tips” that can give the person monitoring the cat’s tail, was quite extensive, and certain observations can still be called a kind of unexpected.

It is quite well-known can be attributed to the fact that the cat, rapidly waving tail, feeling irritated or anxious and can be aggressive, so anyone who tries to touch her in this moment, in danger of being scratched.

The tail sticking up, is often a sign of aggression, but if the tip is slightly bent, and the cat looks calm, it can be a greeting. At the same time, if the tail is considerably curved downward, this may mean that the cat is expecting the attack and preparing to defend. Fluff the tail, especially combined with the arched back speaks to the fact that the animal is scared.

If the cat looks sleeping, but “tapping” the tail on the floor, it could mean that she is generally relaxed, but carefully for something watching. It is also likely that pet really is sleeping and he is dreaming about something.

Finally, if the tail is lowered and doesn’t look tense, it suggests that the cat feels comfortable.

Carlo Siracusa told about another behavior of cats, sometimes puzzling much more than the movement of the tail, a habit many of them suddenly jump up and run to another room for no apparent reason. According to the vet, such a spontaneous action, in all probability, an attempt to let out the energy that builds up, if the cat for a long time does not seem to be able to hunt.


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