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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Poroshenko prepares hospitals of Donbass to the great war

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko again called for the Donbass. Sometimes joke that he is in the East of Ukraine more often than native Vinnitsa. Until recently, the purpose of the visit of the head of state remained a mystery. The arrival of the first served by the press service of the ATO staff that leaks are not allowed, until the appearance of the Ukrainian President in Pokrovsk (formerly Krasnoarmeysk).

Guesses on what time the visit ‘lead’ the military, the President will hand over equipment to the military, was confirmed only partly. The technique was, but handed her not just the military, and military medics. June 14, Petro Poroshenko decided solemnly to congratulate you on the Day of the doctor doctors 66 military mobile hospital, which is now based in Pokrovsk.

The day of the medical worker is one of the very few holidays that remains common in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. However, it is celebrated on the third Sunday of June 18th. Well, in Pokrovsk happened 4 days earlier.

It became known from the speech of Poroshenko? Through the war in the Donbass passed 3500 Ukrainian doctors, of which 200 were injured and 38 were killed on the battlefield. That 66th military mobile hospital scored to help the wounded during the battle for Donetsk airport, Debaltsevo and Svetlodarsk arc. These hospitals in the Donbass deployed 4, and 12 local hospitals, there are groups of military doctors, who also attended the wounded. 30% of the hospitals reserved for the wounded in case of an outbreak of a major war. What is the 66th hospital, likely to remain in Pokrovsk on the basis of a closed local railway hospital for permanent deployment. That is, the war planned major.

Petro Poroshenko arrived in Pokrovsk in an awkward moment. The city has no water for a week, for sanitary purposes water is transported through the streets on schedule fire trucks and tankers. As they say – neither to be washed nor the toilet drain.

Without water, together with the intercession of another 14 cities on Ukrainian territory and one – Dokuchaevsk – on the territory controlled by the DNI. 11 Jun artillery shelling had damaged a pumping station on the first ascent of the channel Seversky Donetsk – Donbass. 4 rural district of the Donetsk region without drinking water among the start of the summer heat. If you look at social networks all on the same Pokrovsk, then there is about the visit of the President there is nothing – mostly schedules of delivery of process water for specific streets.

The war in the framework of the “Minsk agreements”, when attack is impossible, and the night shoot cannons can be turned into a very special conflict, each night taking someone’s life. Now it is a powerful aggravation, which coincided with the “indefinite” truce on 1 June. Again, the shells exploding in Donetsk last night killed two civilians in the Petrovsky district and explosions thundered on the Kiev Avenue near the plant “Tochmash” – so far they did not fly since the winter of the battle of Avdiivka industrial Park.

No “taboo” anymore. Even in winter no one touched the gas pipeline supplying the plant and coking plant. Now a gas pipeline in Donetsk-Avdeevka killed by artillery shelling in the city declared a state of “local emergency”. Pumping station water channel under the Vasilyevka were fired three times – first from the danger fled, the workers, and then the fire happened at the moment of the arrival of the Commission staff and officers of the Russian side of the JCCC, then, the night of 11 June, sighting mortar fire were put out of action equipment.

Since yesterday the repairmen of the company “Water of Donbass” and energy admitted to the place of fire. “Water truce” declared in three days. During this time, should have time to pour new engine oil in a bullet-riddled transformer, to change the broken of the battery and fix 2 lines.

Petro Poroshenko at this time presented military medics two dozen special machines, mobile rentgenkabinet and operating. Mobile operating, according to the Ukrainian President, immediately go somewhere hot all – in Avdeevka.


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