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Sunday, March 18, 2018

In the atmosphere of Pluto discovered seven clouds

A group of scientists working with a research probe New Horizons, found in the atmosphere of Pluto seven small objects, its characteristics resembling clouds and, most likely, belonging to it. However, in order to completely understand their nature, specialists are still lacking information.

photo: en.wikipedia.org

In the past, experts discovered that Pluto has unexpectedly difficult atmosphere, it is the wind is blowing, it is snowing and there are other processes that could be called “weather”.According to the researchers, in this respect, the outer body was much more Earth-like than dwarf planet. The clouds on Pluto for a long time could not detect, and many researchers are inclined to believe that their formation in the atmosphere is too cold and sparse.

The objects which attracted the attention of specialists, was made in mid-2015, but just over a year later scholars have suggested that they may be clouds. In the course of further research were highlighted criteria that would pluchinsky called the “cloud” as high brightness, “fuzzy” edges and distinct borders. As it turned out, the criteria it met seven structures, all of which were on the border between “night” and “day” hemisphere of Pluto. This may indicate that the formation of clouds contribute to the temperature fluctuations, even until recently, oscillations were considered to be too small.

Safe to say that Pluton is found clouds, scientists, in particular, is hindered by the fact that in the pictures there is no possibility to see their shadow. The authors hope that in the future to the dwarf planet will be sent to “complete” the mission, which, along with many other questions, will find out the true nature of the detected structures.


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