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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

An unexpected way to decipher the message of the aliens

If one day earthlings will get a message from an extraterrestrial civilization, to help him can decipher the users of social networks. This view was made by Rene Heller, a physicist from the max Planck Institute for Solar system research. In his opinion, the Internet community will help to understand what the aliens tell us, faster than if the answer will only search for experts and computer programs.

photo: pixabay.com

To check his assumption, a scientist embedded in a sequence containing about two million ones and zeros, the message posted on the Internet along with six “leading” questions, reports lenta.ru. As a result, sprcialist received about 300 responses, of which 66 were correct. However, some study participants were able to decrypt the message on their own, while others have come to the correct answer in the discussion in social networks.

Thus, according to the scientist, public offering data about the alien message, if any, will be recorded, would enable faster and more efficient to decrypt it, the scientists said.

If the probability that the aliens are “personally” have visited Earth or is visiting Earth, most severe experts regards as extremely low, the possibility to catch a signal from them, many are somewhat less skeptical. According to some researchers, it is possible that extraterrestrial civilizations do exist as such, because in the Universe of many planetary systems in many ways reminiscent of the Sun. However, interstellar flights, even if supercivilization they will not be the fiction, much more complex than the exchange of “signals”, so it is assumed that this communication method would choose aliens.

However, it is worth noting that he rené Heller predicts the imminent development of the earthlings of the nearest stars. In his opinion, at the current rate of technology development through 70 years of spacecraft built on Earth for the first time will be in one of the closest planetary systems, and for the next hundred years — ten of them.


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