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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Paradoxes of Tver: on shares on June 12 was detained by employees of the center “e”

Rally on Tverskaya 12 June 2017 has brought us many surprises, including militiamen. Inspired by the fishing “provocateurs” (as they call themselves activists), and policemen accidentally arrested two employees of the center “e” of the MIA of Russia. In General, according to the estimates of human rights defenders, this time the paddy was 10% left on Tverskaya street (on the March 26 March — 7%). Observer “MK” among the members of the PMC visited the detainees and saw what happened to them in the first hours of captivity.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

– Now we know the exact figures, says the coordinator of the “OVD-info” Alla Frolova. In Moscow was detained 866 people (including 14 of them at the entrance of the police station “Presnensky” — this is the group that was standing there in support of opposition leader Vyacheslav Maltsev).

If you compare the situation with that was 26 March, this time much more of the arrests happened before the beginning of the action — from 12.00 to 14.00 (over 30 people). Everything went fairly quickly, the staff is “coped” to 17.00. And the last time of detention went into the evening until 19.00. In General, the present action was numerically less, but the percentage of arrests more (10 as opposed to 7). More in paddy got a minor, but the exact number is impossible to say.

I just got out of the subway, and then the officer shouted, “Tie him up, he’s a provocateur!” — says Alexander. — Stabbed me with a rubber truncheon in the kidney, put on the “split” wrung his hands and into a paddy wagon!

In General, many of the detainees describe the circumstances exactly as Alexander. According to a source in law enforcement bodies, was an order: at the metro station to catch activists. In order not to miss the oppositionists, detained, and others who seemed suspicious.

photo: Eva Markachev

Was employees who showed the policemen the finger at the guys, and they “took”, — continues Alla Frolova. Thus together with all and grabbed two employees of the center “e” (anti-extremism), whose face did not like. They were taken to the police station “textilshiki”, where, however, immediately released, to understand.

The story of the well-known blogger Yevgeny Levkovich, in front of him was detained by close person — to Jan Chaboussou. Here is how Eugene describes took place: “Abruptly pulled out of the crowd, I saw receding the broad back of the armor with the words “Asgardia”. I caught up with them, grabbed one for the “sleeve” and got hit in the chest, instantly finding himself on the pavement. Stood up, caught again and demanded to detain me too. “Get out of here before ugolovku not brought”, — the answer was, is to pay tribute, honest. And further still, breaking to the paddy wagon, which Jan put, taking the meaningless negotiations with the absolutely brutal and entered into a rage fighters (“blame this Bulk must”, “my mother is in the village of five thousand gets — and don’t whimper,” and it is “you”, rude, sadistic pleasure)”.

photo: Eva Markachev

This time, the assurances of observers “OVD-info”, delaying tougher, the Riot police were more intolerant and aggressive. The stories of the detainees in our report “Detained on Tverskaya showed injury: call the Ambulance and torn clothes”

Among the detainees were quite famous people — actor Alexander PAL (movie “Kiss!”, “Icebreaker”), the artist Pyotr Verzilov and coordinator, “Open Russia” Maria Baronova.

I stood in front of the law enforcement authorities to have me arrested, because I saw the paddy wagons were already a few people I know, whose fate I was worried, says Maria…

In the “Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo” at the time of visit of the PMC were 24 people.

photo: Eva Markachev

In the hall, where they were locked up, detainees could drink water and eat cookies: for them, food purchased and transferred to the police station the mother of one of the detainees. The young people did not take away cell phones so that they could safely call him home to worrying. So what conclusions after the arrest on 26 March, the militiamen made: then cell phones were taken away are still on the March that later was deemed illegal.

At the bottom of the ATS by three riot policemen were protocols. As the school was cheating off each other the circumstances of the case. The observation of human rights defenders said, they say, the plot of detention all the same. In the end, managed to make three hours only a few protocols (they still had to get on the computer). Here’s a quote from one such report: “At Tverskaya, 17, identified a citizen Kerimov, who took part in the group of citizens number 1,000 people in a consistent rally. While shouting slogans: “Garbage — a shame of Russia”, “Russia without corruption”.

Note that Kerimov himself says that nothing like screaming and no posters were not carrying.

— After three hours of detention protocols at all was never made, says a member of the PMC Eugene Enikeev. — We demanded the release of all. Just took all to the exit. We do not interfere. The police asked to give a written undertaking to come the next day to review the Protocol. But not everyone gave it to him. In any case, those who refused explanations, will be able to tell his story in court.

photo: Eva Markachev

We did not think to leave, in the end spent almost 7 hours in the police Department — said Maria Baronova. The employees filled out the documents slowly. The process was led by a woman mayor, without her permission no one could leave the building.

In St. Petersburg was arrested just 638 people and as many as 500 of them left in the night, — says Alla Frolova. — It’s hard to explain it. Perhaps, the authorities decided to punish Peter. In Moscow massively released for one reason: he feared that the Tver court again choke being judged. But in General the process is already underway. Today one activist was sentenced to 15 days for disobedience.

See photo essay on the topic:

As police pressed the protesters for Tver: gas, batons and “Shame!”

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