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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Lolita of the Cabinet of Ministers in Kiev sell Dating with young assistants of Ministers

An unprecedented boom in the Network caused by the government of Ukraine a charity campaign “Month of kindness”. The event is planned to raise funds by selling the winners of the online auctions a number of unusual features. For example, for the money to go on a date with a young and attractive employee of the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers. Reward the girl, despite her young age working in the post of Deputy Minister, I agree… for example, to have Breakfast with lucky. Or dinner – during the intermission in the cafeteria theater. Currently up for auction 24-year-old Deputy interior Minister and 27-year-old Deputy Minister of energy.

photo: instagram.com

Anastasia Deeva.

On one of the Internet sites run an auction for the sale of Breakfast assistant Manager Arsen Avakov Anastasia Deev. Starting price – 100 hryvnia. Applications will be accepted until June 28.

At the time the appointment Deev Deputy of a Minister has caused an unprecedented scandal. Social network and mass media in eager rivalry were indignant: how could a 24-year-old girl without relevant education and experience to perform the duties of the Deputy head of the Ministry of internal Affairs? Suspicions about the difficult nature of this purpose was intensified because of the appearance of the newly made official: the girl is very pretty, and apparently, and she knows it. How else to explain such a number of explicit photos with her participation in the Network.

Now, in connection with the “sale” of the official auction bloggers poss(b)utilise even more. Just prostitution some kind of, particularly catty gossips. Those kinder note: well, even so the official will be able to benefit his country.

Anastasia with one another. How did he react to the readiness of the bride to meet the morning with another unknown:

My love

Publication of Nastya Deeva (@nastya_deeva) APR 29 2017 at 8:19 PDT

But before bloggers to digest the news, as oil poured into the fire, colleague Deev Natalia Boyko – Deputy Minister of energy. The girl is 27 years old, and she is also pretty and is also involved in the auction. Until 21 June, applications are accepted on a hike with Natalie at the theater. Tsareva price is also 100 USD.

“Natalia Boyko, from Lvov and a real connoisseur of theatrical art, has prepared something special for the winner, and I’m sure the performance will leave no one indifferent and will give a bouquet of wonderful emotions,” – said in the annotation to the auction.

Photo: Natalia Boiko page in Facebook

Natalia became Deputy Minister in February this year. As reported the Cabinet, the girl will deal with issues of European integration. Interestingly, the same responsibilities and Anastasia from the interior Ministry. As explained last November the Minister Avakov, refuting suspicions – it is terrible to think what – the girl owns a lot of foreign languages and will be able to ensure the interaction of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine with foreign partners.


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