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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Birthday Trump presented a new anti-Russian sanctions

On 14 June the White house celebrates 71st birthday. However, the occasion of Donald trump was overshadowed by the presented to him “gifts”. The court of appeal in San Francisco rejected the complaint of the representatives of the President and upheld the suspension of the second anti-immigration decree trump. The Senate has developed a bipartisan bill to toughen sanctions against Russia. And in the media appeared information that the head of state is thinking to dismiss spectacular investigation of Russian interference in American elections. This further restricts the freedom of action of trump, which is lined with accusations and suspicions on all sides.

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The document prepared by the Senate, opens the way for the introduction of new anti-Russian sanctions. Restrictive measures may only affect specific individuals, which the United States accused of violating human rights and individual industries, e.g., mining, shipbuilding, defense sector and Railways. In addition, the senators are going to ban the President to ease sanctions without congressional approval. A new package of sanctions, according to the congressmen, “punish” Russia for its intervention in the US presidential election, support for the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad and the accession of the Crimea.

Senators have included the anti-Russian measures in the bill to toughen sanctions against Iran to a vote on it was held already this week. To increase pressure on Tehran called out by trump, but the “makeweight” in the form of a draft against Moscow he is unlikely to be satisfied. Because it will force him to break a campaign promise of seeking improved relations with Russia.

It is noteworthy that the document agreed on by both parties, this means that against the President went of his own “allies” — the Republicans. Trump is still the possibility to veto anti-Russian bill, although Congress can overcome its two-thirds majority in the Senate and House of representatives.

“If this bill lie on the table the Trump, he will certainly veto it, — said the chief researcher of the Institute of USA and Canada studies, Vladimir Vassilyev. — Today it became clear that trump would either soften the sanctions regime, or even to cancel some sanctions in General as an important element of improving Russian-American relations. That is why there were a bill that restricts the freedom of the President. If trump sign this document, thus it will create a very important precedent, and Congress can continue to limit his freedom of maneuver. Therefore, imposing a veto on the bill, the head of the state to protect the institution of presidential power in General.

I’m not sure that the House of representatives will be able to recruit the necessary number of votes to overcome a presidential veto. There, so to speak, there is “confusion and vacillation” in contrast to the Senate, and the problem of coalition formation in the lower house of Congress more problematic.”

Another painful blow for trump — another defeat in the court of Appeal. Judges from San Francisco upheld the suspension of a presidential decree prohibiting entry into the United States to citizens of the six predominantly Muslim countries. This decree was signed on March 6 and became a kind of “second edition” of the decree of 27 January, which was also frozen by the court. This time from the list of “forbidden” countries were excluded Iraq, but left Libya, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. A redacted version of the order was waiting for the fate of its predecessor: immediately after taking it suspended Hawaiian court, and the appellate court upheld the decision.

On top in the American media appeared information about what trump thinks to dismiss spectacular investigation of Russian interference in presidential elections Robert Mueller, who recently received his post. The source of the rumors became a close friend of President Christopher ruddy, head of media Newsmax Media. In an interview with PBS he stated that the President “perhaps thinking of the dismissal” Muller. “Although I do not claim that the President directly told me that, I’m confident in my words. He’s definitely considering this possibility,” — said later, ruddy, noting that the President he was, did not deprive spectracolor his post.

What would not like to achieve each of trump, in his own words he did him a disservice. After the dismissal of the head of the FBI James Komi billionaire and was accused that he wants to stop the investigation of his environment ties with Russia. Rumor of resignation of spectacular, ruddy just brought the President an extra dose of suspicion.

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