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Thursday, March 15, 2018

American astronomer: we will meet aliens in the next decade

Ten or maximum fifteen years people will find aliens, said astronomer Chris Impey representing the University of Arizona. According to the scientist, he is so sure of his prediction that would be willing to put money on it. However, we are not talking about the visit of intelligent aliens or the opening of a highly developed extraterrestrial civilizations, says the expert.

photo: pixabay.com

Says astrophysicist in the next two decades, humanity has a chance to detect the microorganisms of extraterrestrial origin directly in the Solar system — for example, on any of the potentially habitable moons of Jupiter or Saturn, and perhaps even on Mars. However, if the Red planet habitable, it is “the people” are far beneath the surface, so to detect them is even more complicated than in the somewhat more distant from the Earth space bodies.

If life, even in the most primitive of its forms, will not be able to find on planets and satellites close to Earth in distance, to keep looking for Chris Impey recommends exoplanets closest to it according to its characteristics — the “twins” of the Earth, many of which have already been discovered in other planetary systems in the milky way.

The expert noted that today the Earth is the only planet, of the habitability of known for sure. In this regard, any “aboriginal” micro-organism found on the surface of another space body, would be the first direct proof that earthlings are not alone in the Universe.

In late may, the Russian experts said that traces of extraterrestrial life could potentially be also found on the surface of the International space station.

Recently, Rene Heller of the max Planck Institute for Solar system research suggested that in the future humanity to receive the signal from more advanced aliens, and proposed to use to decrypt such messages of users of social networks.


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