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Saturday, March 17, 2018

What are the dangers of turning spiritual braces in stationery

The national idea have any successful state, especially under a certain height. Somewhere in Tibet (leave out the current belonging of Tibet to China), the stakes have always done on spirituality in China — collective world domination, the UK has always been Imperial habits and business in America — the desire to be successful, the infamous “American dream”.

photo: Alex geldings

Modern Russia in search of a national idea and the ideological platform of infinite storm. We rush about trying to fit under the Western patterns and run into the arms of dreams of financial success (as it was in the dashing 90-e and in fat zero, except that the methods of earnings was different from each other in terms of risk to life) then yearn for the basics and trying to get back to traditional values. While it is unlikely that the collective unconscious will expunge from memory a rapid change of course “Orthodoxy. The autocracy. Nation” to “glory to the conquerors of virgin land!” and actually back.

As a result, today in the mass consciousness formed a mix of installations and contradictory ideological meanings. On the one hand, spirituality we are directly opposed to financial success. A variant in which you can make the condition while maintaining a human face, is hardly considered. Such is the multi-fruit blend in the minds of our citizens.

Rapidly losing the trust of citizens, state power can certainly and must offer people a kind of unifying ideological structure. A few years ago came up with that design that can embody some buckles. Spiritual. They had become the “compassion, sympathy, compassion each other, support and mutual assistance”. But in practice, unfortunately, today these ties are increasingly not spiritual, and stationery.

The main ally of the state, which, as expected, and inspire “scrapboy” the idea of the Russian Orthodox Church. Recently, however, judging by the occasions on which the structure mentioned in the media, the material is still here in a triumph over the spiritual. Public activity of the Church is more about not the most successful PR and creating of news hooks for the purpose of creating reason. The proposal to introduce an Orthodox dress code or prohibit the operation of supermarkets on Sundays, weakly related to spirituality, the improper conduct of priests, suiting drunk driving accidents, the hypocrisy in the statements, that’s all people see. This is not something that is not helping to restore confidence to the authorities, but on itself the Russian Orthodox Church as an organization able to carry the weight of compassion, sympathy, compassion each other, support and mutual aid, hope less.

Anyway ROC is now experiencing hard times, despite the mass construction of churches. It is obvious that the Church from tearing discord and struggle for power. Then the priest Tikhon (vicar of the Moscow diocese, that is, assistant of the Patriarch) create a special post and appointed him Bishop of the Moscow diocese, carried out the Council of bishops immediately after the appointment of Bishop Tikhon with no disclosure of the purpose of the meeting. Yes-with the vicissitudes of the ROC Bank “Peresvet”, which was introduced temporary administration, should not be discounted.

If we draw Parallels, then what is happening now is increasingly reminiscent of events a century ago. Then, too, in a fit of struggle for spirituality began mass construction of temples and churches, in addition canonized a record number of pieces ranked. During the reign of Nicholas II was canonized more saints than in the previous two centuries. Then was canonized a Saint Theodosius of Uglich, the venerable Seraphim of Sarov, the Holy Nobleborn Princess Anna of Kashinsk, bishops Joasaph of Belgorod, Moscow Hermogenes, Pitirim of Tambov, John of Tobolsk. And not always all went smoothly. In the case of the canonization of St. John of Tobolsk, the king took the side of the Bishop, unauthorized as John canonized. But the desire to help the development of the Church led only to the fact that the control was weakened, and in the ranks of the highest Church officials began the struggle for power and autonomy down to the attempts to return to pre-Petrine Patriarchate. Found the people of some special spiritual meaning? Perhaps not, but some bishops are more and more began to intervene in the Affairs of the society and secular politics. Over all the fact that the Church is one of the first to support the king’s abdication. And now the leadership of the Russian Orthodox Church, sensing freedom, begins to move away from their regular duties of providing moral and spiritual support to parishioners and concentrating on political struggle. More recently, the institution of the Church was functioning in its own niche, but now is showing all the signs if not the applications for the dominant status, equal influence alongside the existing branches. The Duma and the Cabinet for them in many ways similar to vassals, performing all the desires and whims. Microfinance organizations operate not Christian? A few words of the Patriarch — and “inspired by” the deputies ran to rewrite the laws without consulting economists. Too at ease, the people began to go to historical places? Quickly it was decided to transfer Isaac to the Church and to the dissenters to deal (for example, to deprive deputies voted against, mandates). Now we are talking about the transfer of the Russian Orthodox Church and other historical objects… of Course, such interference in the Affairs of the world cause most sane people, if not the indignation, the surprise certainly.

Amid this irritation even a few Russian Orthodox old believers Church already looks rather than as a small group of renegades, and right as a Bastion of stability and traditional values. By the way, Putin just for this spring visited them twice. For the Russian Orthodox Church, seeking to “overcome division” with the old believers, is like a spoke in the wheel. But the Kremlin said that Putin’s meeting with the old believers Metropolitan Cornelius should not be considered as the first and only. By the way, Nicholas II in his time, had to put a lot of effort to canonized was canonized St. Seraphim of Sarov, who preferred the old believers, some features of the service. Apparently, and today the emerging rapprochement will continue, and it is directly contrary to the interests of the ROC. That is the struggle within the Church of the elites is gaining momentum.

The Church in Russia has always been a pillar of stability, an example to follow. It has a huge impact on people’s worldview. Even if the Church cannot determine its place in society, what can we say about all the other social and state institutions? People are losing faith in each other and perceive this state of Affairs, when in the first place is a struggle of all against all, as a matter of course. Naturally, in such conditions it is simply impossible the emergence of any alternative political forces, able to attract a significant number of votes. And so it will be as long as a priority for higher ranks will not cease to be internal squabbles. This also applies to the struggle within the ROC, and confrontations, for example, within the government. Common purpose and common sense to find it here. No one even tries to hide what is trying to achieve, if not personal purposes, it is purely a task of an individual Department, not comparing them with the overall picture, with the main economic indicators… not to mention the real needs of the population. The same Central Bank seeks only to report to higher officials about reaching stupid indicators like record-low inflation brings no benefit, but only reduce the income and welfare of the population. And so in all. The Ministry of economic development, the Centre for strategic research and the others try to curry favor by developing a bunch of fragmented and uncoordinated proposals for a future programme of socio-economic development. Live as in the days of medieval civil wars: while upstairs there is a redistribution of property and power, all the buds fall on ordinary people.

No matter how trying the current government to have “ideology machine”, all in vain. Conservatism, patriotism… even before the proposals return to the monarchy reached. But you need to understand that the formation is natural, not planted from above, the national idea which could unite the people, to intensify it, to give hope for a brighter future, we need to single direction movement within the higher ranks. Politics and politicking should come to the light and to grow into healthy competition, acting for the benefit of society. Otherwise the structure of the political system will start the mechanism of self-destruction, the burrs which will be inevitable and the political elites.

We have only one true, unconditional and universally “brace” — the victory in the great Patriotic war. I do not wish in the pursuit of public trust, our government decided that we need a “small victorious war”. Because the lessons of history clearly and repeatedly shown us that this tactic does not lead to the strengthening, and the destruction of the political system. After all, the image of the enemy, unfortunately, really works in part of the solidarity and unity of society only when it is truly real. Fake always read and excluded. And new characters… it would be nice to have these appear in the field of peaceful rather than military victories.


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