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Thursday, March 22, 2018

The joys and pitfalls “bezveze”: the Ukrainians have gone abroad in full trains

At the points of delivery of biometric passports in the Ukrainian cities today more crowded than last week. Some of my friends are kicking themselves: why am I not issued a document in June or July of 2016, when the demand on him was minimal?! The authorities of the Ukrainians, as a rule, only deceive and disappoint. Therefore, from the promise of Petro Poroshenko about the “bezveze” believe no more, than earlier, his campaign said on the “imminent end to the war in the Donbas.”


Correspondent “MK” last night talked to the passengers and train crew of the high-speed train No. 705Л “Przemysl-Kyiv”. The same, in whose honor this morning at the station Kiev-Pass. there was a concert of a brass band and passengers in a neighboring country accompanied by Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine and the Ambassador of Poland .

The first “bezviz-flight” went off without a hitch. All passengers arriving to the final station, a few minutes passed safely over the Polish border post – and those with previously issued Schengen visas, and those with new biometric passports.

– What the car stood for holders of biometric passports? – I ask the young conductor.

He looks at me quizzically. “You were misled, in my opinion.”

– “There is no “separation of classes” was not – comes to the aid of my companion, more experienced colleague. – Sat in those cars, where the cashier sold the place.”

– And the poles required in addition to passports and visas? Maybe proof of sufficient financial means… a certificate of vaccination… or is there housing?

– You have been reading the horror stories, I see! Actually my car went out of control, even not having experienced it.

Meanwhile, train 705, and 705-L in the Ukraine have the reputation. The railway themselves in a low voice told “MK” about large amounts of cash carried “passengers” of these international Express with no host of armed guards. What else carry converted to the former Soviet Republic of Korean trains, to summarize I will not; but failures in the functioning of this “channel of communication” seems to have never occurred.

Yesterday’s flights to Przemysl and back clearly were not for “Ukrainian Railways” unprofitable. In each of the cars I noticed no more than 5-6 free seats.

Improvement of the technology visa-free travel from Ukraine in the “near Europe”, judging by the actions of the state border service, still happening. It concerns rather the “enlightenment” as travelling and the Ukrainian guards. Yesterday at the international checkpoints in airports “Boryspil”, “Zhulyany”, “Odessa”, “Lviv”, automotive points “Tisa”, “Luzhanka”, “Uzhgorod”, “Jagodina”, “Krakivets”, “Rava-Ruska” and “Porubne” working around the clock to representatives of the European Agency for border guard and coast guard FRONTEX. Experts from Italy, the Netherlands, France, Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Lithuania to give free advice to the people gathered in the pilgrimage, to avoid confusion when crossing the border of Ukraine with the European Union.

Yesterday, in particular, at the border checkpoint “shehyni” Polish guards “wrapped” back to the Ukrainians, which had a preliminary ban on entry into EU countries. “Country of ban”, as said the Director of the Department of consular service of the MFA of Ukraine Serhiy Pogoreltsev, was Denmark.

Two citizens of Ukraine, relying on first day “bezveze”, was forced to return to Uzhgorod from the border in Slovakia in connection with the exceeded term of the provisional stay of both in the European Union.

The fourth loser Sunday was Ukrainian, intending to enter the territory of Romania according to ordinary (non-biometric) passport of citizen of Ukraine for travel abroad.

Finally, on a pleasant: many of the fans of the Ukrainian football team arrived yesterday to Finland, using only biometric passports.

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