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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

“Celebrations” with Riot police across the Tver ended with “Veselovo”: detained every tenth

On the eve of the protest action on June 12, the organizer Alexei Navalny has cancelled the rally on Sakharov Avenue (allegedly due to the fact that the authorities are not allowed to set a scene and the normal sound) and urged his supporters to take to an inconsistent area on Tver and to carry out the action “in the format of folk festivals”. In the end in Moscow has passed 2 of the protest action — the part of the protesters went on Sakharov Avenue, and some — on the Tverskaya. Celebrations did not take place — participants uncoordinated action were crowding at the exit of the subway. Attempts to shout slogans or posters to get the police stopped the arrests. In the end, in the Metropolitan police Department has sent more than 400 protesters.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

The Tverskaya was Packed before the event began. It was impossible to determine who came out to walk and who to protest. People did not have any posters or other markings: in the morning the mayor called 100% interest potential customers police people with political posters and the people who are shouting slogans.

Toward two o’clock a short promenade on the exit, where before was located the shopping center “Pyramid”, — began to appear, the supporters of Navalny. Someone adhered to the unspoken rules and went out only with a flag, someone was in a t-shirt “Bulk-2018”.

See photo essay on the topic:

As police pressed the protesters for Tver: gas, batons and “Shame!”

66 photos

There were brave men with placards. Mostly young people, not older than 18 years. They were the first “customers” of the police. Alexei Navalny to rally even realized, he was detained in the entrance of his house. In a press-service GU MVD in Moscow announced that it will be composed of 2 administrative report under part 8 of article 20.2 (“Repeated violation of the rules of organization of meetings”) and 19.3 (“disobedience to a lawful order of a police officer”) of the administrative code.

The crowd mostly chanted traditional protest slogans: “Russia will be free”. Sometimes yelling “Bulk”. Detained protesters harshly. As soon as the guy in the crowd unfurled a banner, it flew a line of riot police. Grabbed by hands and feet, hit the pavement and broke his glasses. “How it works: you perform for your country and beat you up?” — was indignant standing next to the girl, rather a girl of 14. “Yes, our country still works because, through “W” — cast it in response to her friend. “We have another 14-year-old was arrested, he explained. Why is it the poster came out? Yes, he Sakharov was going to, apparently, not understood that as a Yes. Or throw was not in time”. “We are not afraid of arrests, said the guy next to him. — I have 18 only on the cheek (on the face of it make-up it was written “Bulk-2018”. — “MK”). And we go, because there must be respect for different political views. And more than 50% of the “United Russia” in the state Duma — is that all?”.

Watch the video on:
“The brutal detention of protesters: in the end, again left the teenagers”


Other daredevils, the crowd applauded, the police traditionally were shouting “shame”. At some moment of detention ceased to be limited to posters. Riot police broke into the crowd and detained sometimes even random people. Grabbed the guy with the flag. “I saw how the guy was carrying! — with light discussing the two girls. Is worse than the prom get drunk and fall”.

At half past someone sprayed the crowd with tear gas, riot police lined with a dense wall and began to squeeze the protesters away from the heel, and they quickly dispersed. According to OVD-info, in the capital were detained about 400 people. This is almost 3 times less than at the rally on March 26. However, the spring rally was known the number of participants — eyewitnesses said about 15 thousand people, — that is, detained almost every tenth. How many people attended the rally on Monday and some of them detained, it’s difficult to calculate. Tverskaya walked and those who came out to support the Bulk, and those who came out to celebrate the Day of Russia.

Watch the video on:
“Video: protesters in Tver broke through the cordon”


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