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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The state Duma has decided to ban photos with boa constrictors

The state Duma completes work on the bill “About responsible treatment of animals”. Second, the final reading could take place on June 14. The new rules and regulations will come into effect on 31 July 2017, and from that day the owners will have when walking to clean up feces after their Pets. For the registration of dangerous dogs and wild animals living in homes, takes three years.

photo: Alex geldings

The Duma Committee on ecology and environment protection discussed the fruit of many months of work on the document adopted in the first reading 5 years ago. But clarification of certain provisions and terms will continue until the vote in plenary. And then, they say the Committee will have to amend the Code of administrative offences and Civil code and also to deal with the issues, yet because of the complexity left out of the equation (for example, in the current version of the bill says nothing about laboratory animals, breeders and nurseries, although the latter, according to the deputies, “are a major source of stray animals”). The head of the Committee Olga Timofeeva (EP) said that the agreed text was attended by 28 ministries, departments and organizations, representatives of public organizations, animal rights activists.

The head of the working group Vladimir Panov (EP) admitted that “many members over the months become a vegetarian”, and told about the main innovations. The notion of “cruelty to animals”: those would be considered including the refusal of the owner from the animal, and failure to treat it, if possible. Fighting animals prohibited, as feeding some other animals in zoos and other open access areas, with the exception of cases, which then determines the government.

Requirements for pet include the obligation to clean up after them “waste products” in the paddock. And the use of Pets “in business” ban, but again, except that it would later be determined by the government of the Russian Federation. Whether this “case” the sale of puppies and kittens, hard to say. Local governments can establish a place to walk Pets you — “places like playgrounds,” said Ms. Timofeeva.

The Deputy Anatoly Greshnevikov (SR) has proposed to introduce a ban on walking Pets of persons who are in a state of intoxication, and control should be entrusted to the police. A similar proposal was the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg. “Then we take half of the dogs range, and that would be cruelty to animals,” said one of the deputies…

By the way, after the law came into force, the number of Pets that can be kept per square meter specific premises, limit. How, later, will determine the Ministry of agriculture.

To keep at home wild animals that fall into the list approved by the government, will be impossible. “Leopards, tigers, giraffes and all the endangered animals will get on this list by far, but there is also, for example, wild frogs and budgies,” explained Ms. Timofeeva. If Smoking an animal got to the host before June 1, 2018, it will be for him to live up to “the moment of natural death” (the animal, not the owner).

In April of this year in the city of Engels of the Saratov region has escaped the lioness contained in the house, where also resides a two year old child. A license to an animal owner was not, and the conditions of detention the Prosecutor called “provalnymi”. Photo: a frame from the video

Shooting and destruction of stray animals will leave in the past. “Now the system OSW (capture — sterilisation — vaccination — release) is only valid in 14 regions of the country, and is in all”, — said Mr. Panov and acknowledged that “this will require shelters”. The regulation of their activities spelled out in great detail, but many details later to clarify their laws in the regions. For the first time introduced the concept of “public inspector” — they will be able to visit the shelters during business hours, except for hours of sanitation. To place shelters will be possible only in “isolated areas”. All captured animals will undergo mandatory 10-day quarantine in order to detect rabies.

Now, according to the Committee, in many regions of the shelters at all.

All zoos, circuses, zoometry, dolphinariums and aquariums until January 1, 2020 are required to be licensed or shut down. Mobile zoos and dolphinariums seems to be prohibited: “entertaining purposes” animals can only be used “in purpose-built buildings, structures, isolated areas,” but again, “with the exception of cases established by the government of the Russian Federation”.

The most controversy was by registration. On the one hand, it is impossible without control. On the other — even in 2015, was adopted the law “On veterinary safety,” which provides for the compulsory registration of 11 categories of animals, including dogs and cats. But until now, the Ministry of agriculture is responsible for implementation of the law has not developed even in the registration procedure for most included in the list of animals. While in the law “About responsible treatment of animals” has decided to prescribe the compulsory registration and the establishment of the unified state register for the dog species as high risk and wild animals. For the implementation of this requirement have three years to 1 June 2020.


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