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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Ban anonymizers in Russia: experts called the bill “crazy”

A couple of weeks ago after blocking Russian sites in Ukraine, the Federal TV advised to use anonymizers to bypass such bans. And in the air told how to do it. But on Thursday, our legislators decided those anonymizers deny. Despite the fact that introduced in the state Duma the bill looks serious, experts call it “reckless” and “technically impossible”.

photo: pixabay.com

The significance of the bill is determined by two things. First, it included the signatures of representatives of those factions – Maxim Kudryavtsev from the “United Russia”, Nicholas Rijeka from “Fair Russia” and Andrey Yushchenko from the Communist party. Second, earlier media reported that the author of the upcoming bill is to Roskomnadzor, and the initiator of its creation was the Russian security Council.

In the explanatory note to the bill acknowledges that the current for poclednij several years, the practice of locking “nedostatochno effective”, i.e. not to prevent the dissemination of information prohibited or illegally distributed in Russia.

Web users can still find links to resources are blocked in search engines and to use technology to access the locked content. First of all we are talking about the so-called anonymizers and VPN.

Lawmakers want to solve this problem simply, in a familiar way, that is, to prohibit the use of these technologies. The document notes that if providers in a period of 30 days alone will not restrict access to sites that allow you to bypass the blocking that the Federal body of Executive power exercising functions on control and supervision in sphere of mass media, mass communications and information technology.

The document even spelled out the procedure for the application of this prohibition. However, despite this, to understand how this whole process can make life difficult not only for the reader, but experts in the industry.

Commissioner for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs in the Internet, Dmitry Marinichev in comments to the media described the initiative as “insane” and added that it goes against common sense. In particular, the VPN technology is not only used to bypass locking, but also for commercial purposes. The Ombudsman noted that the separation of one VPN from the other is impossible.

A similar opinion in conversation with “MK” was expressed by the Director of external communications Rambler&Co Matvey Alekseev. “Those who wrote the bill, was to begin to understand how the physical part of the Internet – said “MK”]. – VPN and the TOR network – it technology. How to disable the use of the technology that is used worldwide, I still do not know”. The expert also noted that the technology to circumvent bans on the Internet, often ustanovleny on the destination equipment, i.e., computers and smartphones users, in addition, they are part of a large ecosystem, that is, these de technologies “allow in principle to obtain Internet access at low speeds”. “Roughly speaking, it is not technically feasible,” the expert concluded.


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