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Friday, March 23, 2018

The election of Putin will try to derail US and NGOs: the reaction of the senators

In Russia there will be a new authoritative body, the Commission for the protection of state sovereignty and prevent interference in Russia’s internal Affairs. It will include senators, law enforcers and experts. Formally, this decision will be made at the nearest session of the Federation Council, and in fact it already sounded by the speaker Valentina Matviyenko on the results of the parliamentary hearings in the upper house of Parliament.

photo: kremlin.ru

Parliamentary hearings on the theme of non-interference of foreigners in the Affairs of Russia evoked mixed feelings. From the mouths of the speakers sounded quite a lot sharp dies: the “Westerners”, “aggression”, “foreign funding of NGOs with the aim of overthrowing the legitimate government”… Speakers said that the US feared the growing power of Russia and try to undermine it from within. And instantly there were “treacherous” question: if we have become so strong, then why are we so afraid of them?

The speaker of the Federation Council Matvienko suggested that before the presidential election may increase paid from abroad in protest activity. And there was again a slight confusion: the number of people willing to vote for Putin, according to surveys of different services, ranging from 66 to 80%. What are these paid protests can change the situation? Extreme, as always, was NGOs.

— For many years attempts have been made to influence the internal politics of Russia through NGOs. Under the next election cycle aktiviziruyutsya those who are willing to pour dirt on their country, to conduct anti-state propaganda, said Valentina.

Former United Nations Deputy Secretary General, member of the civic chamber Sergey Ordzhonikidze sounded really scary numbers, but not explained, from which they took: “If in 2012, the foreign funding of all our NGOs amounted to 4 billion rubles, in 2015 only from the US, they got 80 billion Is an aggressive pressure of the West is focused on the destruction of our state and the radicalization of youth.”

The head of the foreign intelligence Service Sergei Naryshkin explained why this work is underway: “They want to have unfettered access to Russian natural resources, but it needs to destabilize and seize power in Russia.” And added that proshpatlevannye NGOs are working to disrupt the work of the Eurasian economic Union. And the Director of Rosfinmonitoring Chikhanchin Anatoly noticed that NGOs are involved in money laundering and financing of terrorism.

And here the Commission of the Federation Council on the protection of state sovereignty have all these outrages cease, and the risks to prevent. Valentina Matvienko has made a proposal that the authority undertook “a sovereign examination” — analysis of all laws and draft laws on vulnerability to foreign intervention. Prosecutor General Yury Chaika made four more specific suggestions. Allow unscheduled inspections of NGOs in cases where they are suspected of anti-Russian activities (currently unscheduled prohibited by Putin’s decision. — Ed.). To oblige non-profit organizations to provide the DOJ copies of programs running on grants, and then copies of reports to funders. To expand the list of grounds for the recognition of foreign public associations undesirable on the territory of Russia. Now we have unwanted found just 10, and work 63. Seagull offers to hinder the work of those NGOs that may impact on the Russian economy. And asks automatically block Russian sites are undesirable organizations.

These are all proposals submitted to the resolution of the parliamentary hearings. The political scientist Fyodor Lukyanov in his speech made certain, in polymake, criticism of these austerity measures: “We are caught in a stupid situation, when the image of Russia in the United States use the American elite for their political struggle. Permission from us, they didn’t ask, but we are obliged to respond. However, our response can cause us more damage.”

Thus, the scientist recalled that the Commission of Council of Federation on countering foreign influence creates a mirror, in response to the establishment of a similar anti-Russian Commission in the Parliament of the United States.

Details read in a material “Naryshkin and Matviyenko has accused the West of trying to weaken Russia”

Watch the video on:
“The Federation Council discussed the fight registered as foreign agents: protect Russia before the elections



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