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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Russian prisoners in Ukraine transferred the appeal to the Minsk negotiators

On June 7 in Minsk is the next stage of the tripartite talks on resolving the conflict in the Donbass. Sterile transfusion from empty in empty, as many believe. One of the main issues on which all can not agree on politics — the fate of those who are now serving time in enemy territory.

photo: youtube.com

Not so long ago we have already raised the topic of Russian volunteers located in correctional institutions of Kiev, Kharkov, Mariupol and other cities. There they are, if considered together with the political prisoners, about two thousand people.

They are ordinary criminals, as independent authorities do not recognize a civil war on its territory, and these people are not subject to the Geneva Convention, they were tried by ordinary criminal code and was sentenced to terms of varying severity — from 8 to 13 years, often for participation in illegal armed groups and attempts to topple the political system of Ukraine.

Details read in a material “hundreds of Russian prisoners of war in Ukraine turned out to be draws.”

“Their law does not protect anybody. The leadership of the DNI refused them, for example, intelligence agent Denis Sidorov, who was captured in September of 2016, right after that dismissed from the composition of its military units in hindsight. Relatives just don’t know what to do next,” says Andrew Sudlow, the movement “new Russia”, the official representative in Russia “Union of political prisoners and prisoners of Donbass”.

We live in a technological age, convicted and serving time in different prisons, often hundreds of miles away from each other, still managed to connect, to unite and create an organization ready to fight for the freedom of their comrades. But first of all to convey their aspirations to sit in Minsk.

The basic idea of the Minsk agreements — the early exchange “all for all”, it can not be done primarily because it will not go Kiev. Because the total number of captured soldiers of the APU in the DNI and LC do not exceed a hundred people. To change the hundred to nearly two thousand prisoners Ukraine is unlikely to agree.

Meanwhile the prisoners of Donbass composed the whole appeal, which was transferred to Minsk. It not only requests, but demands on those who once again sat at the table for peace talks. “We are interested in the exchange of all for all, and for acceleration of this procedure is ready to assume obligations for the implementation of verification of people who refused to exchange”, — said Maxim Garmash, head of the “Union prisoners” convicted under articles 110, part 2, 260, h 2, and 263, part 1 of the criminal code of Ukraine. The encroachment on the territorial integrity, participation in illegal armed formations, illegal handling of weapons. A total of 8 years.

The verification process, which I hope the former militia lasts in Ukraine is not the first month. It consists in the fact that at the jail and IK go to the Commission who are interested in the prisoners, where they want to work off their sentence in Ukraine, in Russia or maybe back to the rebellious Donbass?

Is it any wonder that most inmates choose… Ukraine and refuse to exchange, because an outside observer of this process is a kind of expression there. But not only fear, I think, makes guys sign all the necessary papers, and the fact that agreeing not to return home, in return they get promises of freedom in the further release on PAROLE or Amnesty. Of course, only in case, if you decide to stay.

So what to do? Without completion of the verification process of the exchange of all for all will not work. This was confirmed by the representative of the Donetsk Republic Daria Morozova. But this event is also not expected for quite objective reason.

“Since the survey of prisoners (November–December 2016) on the desire/unwillingness to return to the exchange prior to conducting their verification had been released 150 people, — continues Maxim Garmash. According to the Ukrainian legislation, they are now free citizens and can freely move around the country and abroad, in connection with which to establish their whereabouts and carry out the verification impossible.”

That is, there is no quorum. Meanwhile, “the Union war” declared that is ready to find everyone who needs to verify and personally participate in this process to comply with the law. “We ask the representatives of the DNI and LC to provide list of persons subject to verification, of Ukraine — to provide our Union a certificate of exemption individuals who in 2016, announced the abandonment of the exchange and as of June 2017 at large, and to ensure the safety of members of the Union during the process of verification”, your suggestions for the prisoners, the militia sent to all three parties of the contact group in Minsk, DND and LNR, Ukraine. And now waiting for their response. On him their last hope.

Remark: the “Great war” of Ukraine and Russia: scenario remains likely


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