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Friday, March 23, 2018

Putin and gay shower: Oliver stone took the presidential the movie

Oliver stone’s “Nixon” at the time caused a terrible scandal in the USA because it revealed the background of the Watergate case and showed how a large policy changes and even deforms man. But from the new work of the Director such a reaction can not be expected. Judging by the prom-the movie, in the film “The Putin Interviews” Vladimir Putin will appear exactly the way it used to, and most importantly – I want to see Russians: the wise father of the nation, defender of Russian interests and a real “macho”.

photo: kremlin.ru

His film about the Russian President, the American Director, who has long been interested in the powerful of this world (in addition to U.S. presidents, his heroes become Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro), were removed within two years. How many times during this time he flew to Russia, history is silent, but the GDP of his time, was not spared.

Stone, judging from the fragments which to whet the interest of the audience, began airing last week, managed to go where even personal photographers are not always allowed. Here, the GDP shows the Director’s own room in the Kremlin and invites for a Cup of tea. That’s where the luck crew behind the wheel of the presidential limo. Here is feeding carrots to the horse, named after the Dutch physicist van der Waals. Here they are together watching the Stanley Kubrick film “Dr. Strangelove or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb.”

These are rare for the Russian audience (not to mention foreigners) frames are interspersed with familiar viewers with the plans of the ceremonial halls of the Kremlin, meetings and trainings: stone shoots Putin in the hockey helmet on the Mat and in the gym, and finds out that the daily swims and lifts weights. This video works well on the image of “macho”, which like the GDP, and is consistent with the objective stated by the Director. “Vladimir Putin is one of the most influential leaders in the world. And since the US declared its enemy, the great enemy, I think it’s important to hear what he might say,” so stone explained the decision to make the Russian President was my hero.

In the past two years, recorded 12 interviews, or 30 hours of pure time. Putin’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov, who are on duty and was present at the shootings, says he will be curious to see the result — how Oliver stone will tie the disparate pieces together and the conclusion will summarize their viewers.

The storyline, apparently, is the biography of the hero: Putin to stone during the interview, discuss events that have occurred since the entry of the GDP in the post in 2000. It’s hard to say definitely, but in his private life (with the exception of demonstrating my premises) the President of the famous Director, apparently, won’t let. One of the fragments he briefly talks about his youth and path to power and laments that little is seen with her daughters. The American media have already blamed the stone that he had not managed to “climb” into the soul of his character and show Putin-the man, too much attention with his political views, and even a “blatant Kremlin propaganda”.

However, we must pay tribute to the filmmaker: in contrast to journalists, who consistently sets Putin the same questions (e.g. the question about hackers last week in different variations asked at least 10 times) that it was not limited to standard themes like the relationship of Russia and NATO or competition with the United States. The film suddenly filed issues related to the oppression of sexual minorities in Russia, as in the West, tacitly supported at the state level. “What would you do if you were on a submarine in the shower with a gay man?” asked stone. Putin laughingly replied that he would prefer the sort of company in the shower did not go. “Why provoke him? he said. – But you know, I am a master of sports in judo and Sambo”.

The hint contained in the response of GDP, is unlikely to appeal to Western audiences, but in Russia, who call “soak in the toilet”, most likely will fall on fertile ground. The last time Vladimir Putin was rarely pleased the Russians with bright expressions and ambiguous jokes, but Oliver stone seems forced him to return to the almost forgotten role — and very successfully, right before the presidential election.

In one of the episodes of the GDP says that the President is working seven days a week, because he is a man, not a woman and he wouldn’t have his “critical days”. “I’m not trying to insult anyone. Such is the nature of things. It’s a natural cyclicality,” – says Putin, not realizing that already casually insulted “the best”, as they have to say on March 8, half of the US, does not understand such sexistic jokes. It is not surprising that these words of the President, talking about a promotional video of the film stone made the headlines of leading American media, including Bloomberg and The Washington Times. However, in Russia quote has remained virtually unseen…

Other non-standard issues, which were previously hardly heard of GDP, can be attributed to the interest shown by stone to the topic of death in General and assassination in particular. “I trust them, – said Putin about his security, – you Know what they say Russian? This is destined to be hanged, he did not sink”, – Putin joked. One day death will come to everyone, “the only question is what you can do in this world if you were happy,” he added philosophically.

Speaking about the case of Edward Snowden, the GDP says that the Americans have no reason to believe him a traitor: no classified information damaging to U.S. defector was not given. But in principle his act was wrong. I had to leave, as did Putin himself in 1991 when, according to him, intelligence agencies have gone too far.

As for big politics, the Oliver stone movie any revelations to the audience who are watching the rhetoric of the Russian leader, will bring. In already the shown fragments Putin again accuses American presidents in sequential betrayal, criticizes NATO expansion to the East, said the ambitions of Russia and frightened the American people with the imperfection of ABOUT. And however do not lose hope for the restoration of the relationship:” “there is always Hope. While we will not suffer in white sneakers in the graveyard.”

It’s very Russian – admires the stone, which the Russian President clearly managed to charm.


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