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Friday, March 23, 2018

Passions around of the trump boil: the Minister of justice offered his resignation

Passions in Washington seething like a volcano. Lava escaped outside, combines multiple streams. Perhaps the most powerful was the speech made by US President, FBI Director James Komi. Trump wished him success, even more excited Komi Republic. (The subject of his speech was the removal from office of the assistant to the President for homeland security.) Komi was afraid to remain alone with the President and begged the Minister of justice Sisense to attend his Swan song. Initially, however, Komi did not disclose why he needed the Ministry of justice. (To complete the dismissal of trump General Michael Flynn.) And although trump demanded it from the Komi Republic, he was dismissed and his post as Director of the CIA. The fact that Komi didn’t want to swear personally Trump.

photo: pixabay.com

And that’s Komi Republic were in the spotlight of Washington. The testimony he gave before the Senate intelligence Committee, but they were broadcast throughout the country. Senators were mostly interested in why Komi has decided to hide from them the order of the trump of completion of the investigation into Flynn.

The reluctance of the Komi Republic to open up without the presence Sesenta reflected his deep distrust of Trump, whom he suspected of trying to undermine the independence of the FBI. (President Obama and Komi met two times.)

Spouksmen the FBI declined to comment on the request of the Komi Republic. The Ministry of justice followed his example. Komi before the question arose — if trump wanted to close the case, Flynn, why didn’t he tell anyone about this at justice? Komi himself chose to remain silent, because they do not know which side is justice — it or trump?

White house officials said that when they gave the special Prosecutor who was appointed by former FBI Director Robert Mueller, documents about trump, the latter was not the subject of investigation. However, the acting Director of the FBI McCabe said: “We usually don’t answer those questions.”

Shortly before removing the FBI Director from his post trump has exposed from the Oval office Vice-President Mike Pence, the Ministry of justice and other Sesens to talk again alone with the Komi Republic. It was then that the President of the Komi Republic said that it is necessary to put an end to the investigation into Flynn. In the Memorandum of Komi on this occasion said: “the President said, I hope you clearly see your way. Need Flynn to release. He’s a good guy. I hope you will do so”.

Even these fantastic confusion and vacillation literally in every sentence contradict each other. But this is only one side of the eruption that covered Washington. It turned out that the Minister of justice Jeff Chechens invited the President to Trump his resignation.

The President refused to accept the resignation, but on Tuesday, June 6, the White house refused to say whether he trusts the President trump their Minister of justice.

“I have not had conversations about this with the President,” said Sean Spicer, a spokesman for the White house. He also refused to say, “I got trump on whether Sisense or not.”

As you hopefully remember, the Minister of justice Sesens gave himself or herself on all matters that are somehow connected with the investigation “Russian trace”. Trump said step Sesenta and his request for resignation is unnecessary problems.

However, he accused Sesens that he did not want to hold the President signed a decree on the prohibition of the seven Muslim countries to send their citizens to the United States. The situation between the President and the Minister of justice, took an intense and Chechens ready if wants trump to resign. Trump’s response is yet unknown. Spouksmen Sesenta refused to comment on the situation. Also received, spokeswoman the White house, she also did not reply to the e-mail in which he raised these questions.

Read the story: U.S. attorney General is ready to resign because of disagreements with trump

So the frustration has captured both parties. And here’s something else interesting: the former spouksmen Sesenta Stephen Miller has now moved to work for Trump and became his chief speechwriter and political adviser. However, some White house staff, quite close to Trump said that the President does not want to replace anyone Sesenta. So while the role of the Minister of justice takes the Deputy Minister of the notorious Genus Rosen Steen is the one who recommended a special Prosecutor to investigate the “Russian question”.

But that’s not all. Arrested a staffer of the national security Agency a Reality TV winner. The reality of the arrest of this 25-year-old pretty military women is that she was the first arrested during the presidency trump the disclosure of state secrets.

It is that suspicion fell on Qatar, one of the heroes of the Persian Gulf. And here’s the rest of the members of this group, headed by Saudi Arabia, decided to isolate itself from its neighbor, came under suspicion. I believe that as a result of a cyber attack perpetrated by Russian hackers, Qatar came under suspicion. Although, as said by trump, he had very fruitful talks with the ruler of Qatar.

So, for the umpteenth time I have to resort to the words of the great classics. However, he said it at the beginning of “Anna Karenina”, and I have to say at the end of my modest correspondence: “Everything was in confusion in the house of Washington.”



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