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Saturday, March 17, 2018

“We want to make messaging a paid”: the state Duma has solved the mystery

The laws that are designed to end the anonymity of SIM cards and im ready for adoption in the first reading. In the state Duma hope that the finalization of the documents will be able to “not throw out with the bathwater”, i.e. not to restrict the right of citizens to privacy and the free flow of information.

photo: Alex geldings

The documents, which were discussed at the enlarged meeting of the Committee was written originally at the site combining operators Mediacommunications Union, developed with the participation of Roscomnadzor, the FSB and the interior Ministry and submitted to the Duma was, on behalf of the members of the Federation Council and deputies. It is proposed to prohibit the provision of mobile services to anonymous users. From 1 January 2018, operators will have the right to check the validity of data about subscribers, if the subscribers are not going to touch — to suspend the provision of services. And the messengers will require mandatory registration of users through SMS messages.

A representative of the ISS, Pavel Stepanov said that the bill on the messengers “aligns the economic conditions” — according to him, it is unfair that the activities of network operators are already tightly regulated, and the activities of messenger no. Identification of the same mobile phone number, he said, “the simplest of all possible”.

The head of the Committee on information policy, information technologies and communications Leonid Levin (WED) immediately gave an example to prove the relevance of the proposed measures: a colleague in the Penza region, the meeting showed the phone message that came in on messenger. The post is offered “drugs are inexpensive, fast, all types”.

The Deputy head of Roskomnadzor Oleg Ivanov has supported both bills. The one about the Sims, “kicks the very Foundation of the illegal sale, because the SIM card is transformed into a simple circuit which gives nothing to the user until it is legalized at the operator”. “It’s very criminal, quite a lot of money. We see Tajiks, who are in the metro, but behind them is a serious structure,” the official said. As for the messengers — in Roskomnadzor believe that “some rough edges” of the text can be eliminated to the second reading.

Mr. Levin immediately noticed that unlike operators, which have no ability to notify via SMS a large number of citizens about storm hazards and other emergencies that recent events in Moscow and other regions of the messenger it is possible, and “important innovation” of this bill — securing their obligations mass mailing in the interests of the authorities to carry out.

Representatives of the interior Ministry and the FSB, as the representative of Roskomnadzor, was also “for” and also talked about “irregularities”, without going into details. More specific was Vasily Shipilov (economic development): all conceptual support, he noted that the proposed definition of the messenger allows you to distribute new requirements and programs such as Skype, and they work without a cell connection, because the downloaded to home PCs. Besides, it is unclear whether Telecom operators to provide messenger services sending SMS messages. If so, the cost of these services can be assigned to users.

From the speech of Deputy Minister Dmitry Alhazova it became clear that this Agency is in contrast to Roskomnadzor direct participation in the work on documents is not accepted. The official noted that the authors talk a lot about the safety and comfort of the citizens, we should support it, but “it is not clear what threat models are considered and how they want to fix that.” “If we want to make the messengers paid for the population, then it should speak directly,” said Mr. Alkhazov. As for the fight against the anonymity of the messengers — “some of them can be installed on a mobile device without number, and the operator never knows”, besides to register in messenger can and on SIM card non-operator, “we still do about users will not know, and the threat is eliminated”.

However, all participants expressed willingness to work on obviously doomed to adoption in the first reading the texts on the site Committee.


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