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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Shoigu tested the warning system missile attack

The Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on Tuesday arrived in Siberia, to personally check the operation of the system warning of missile attack, in particular the latest radar “Voronezh-DM”, built in the city of Yeniseisk. In addition, the Minister visited a number of enterprises engaged in production of military products, to inspect the progress of the programme.

Photo: Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation.

The city of Yeniseisk, not far from which was built the radar station “Voronezh-DM” is 350 kilometers from Krasnoyarsk. A half hour helicopter flight through the boundless taiga, and we land on the ground near the radar. At the entrance meets an inscription “Center for monitoring space objects”. Recently laid asphalt, light beige, with “needles” of the structure – it is clear that the station was put into operation recently. Radar “Voronezh-DM” since the end of last year was replaced on an experimental combat duty. This means that now the station jointly operate the calculations of the Space forces, VKS and industry representatives who make final “fine-tuning” of the station. Expected before the end of this year, the radar will be put on combat duty and will go entirely to the balance of videoconferencing.

The antenna itself — bright building with a height of 15-storey building, looks quite peacefully. Hard to imagine that the “filling” of the house able to detect targets at ranges of up to 6 thousand kilometers. As told by the commander of a separate radio center, Colonel Mikhail Kirienko, “Voronezh-DM” works in the UHF band, so the measurement accuracy of the parameters of its capabilities are significantly higher than the radars of the previous generation.

The main feature of this plant is its rapid construction. The station is being built within 1.5-2 years. It works like hypersonic and ballistic targets. All the targets that appear in sight of the station, immediately identifitseerida and information is given on the command post of the missile attack warning (early warning system). “During this period, the station already had experience on the detection of ballistic missiles, – said the officer. – With the production of the station on combat duty, we have created a single radar field around Russia”.

Before entering the command center hangs a small poster drawn on it six stars.

– We have an unspoken tradition. Each start-up of ballistic missiles, which spots the station, we note with an asterisk on the poster – said Kiriyenko. – Radar covers the North-Eastern part of the Pacific ocean and the North, so the launches were recorded from the territory.

In fact, the command center has a huge interactive map, which shows routes of space objects. Three on-duty officer in the room, watching the monitors.

– The map shows the objects that are known to us. We know what it is and the way they move. If in the area tracking the object appears, which is not known to us, on screen it shows a red dot and an alarm is triggered, – said one of the duty officers.

The Minister of defense checked the combat duty calculations. In his presence was held training. With the help of special software for combat calculations were simulated the most difficult conditions of the radar environment. Was also developed strict standards for the detection, classification and maintenance of ballistic targets and space objects, and generation of warning information to report to senior management. The Minister reported that to increase training daily with staff conducted training on specialized simulators.

Commander of the Space forces, Alexander Golovko, reported to the Minister that in 2016, Space forces discovered all missile launches in the area of responsibility of the Russian early warning system.

– In the framework of combat duty in 2016, the duty of early warning system tools, specialized equipment and space surveillance and missile defense was discovered more than 40 launches of foreign and domestic ballistic missiles and space launch vehicles – reported to the commander.

The duty commander, the captain Maksim Lipin told “MK” that the command center is managing the radar station, which is a continuous exploration of outer space.

Combat duty here sweeps around the clock, formed by 4 combat calculation, which vary in shifts. Officers serve for 12 hours, he explained. I came in 2013 and before that served in Pechora, where we have the other station is. Since the birth of this station. Then I brought my wife here. Live in a military town, the conditions are created beautiful to be nice.

As told in the defense Ministry, the structure of the radar gives the ability to easily and quickly upgrade the station in operation. This is its essential difference from the radar of previous generations, who had a tough architecture, where design was formed in the process of development and remained virtually unchanged until the end of the operation.

The processing of the received radar signals at the station is made in the “figure”, similar to how it is implemented in modern television receivers. Radar has been optimised, resulting in the quantitative composition of the personnel involved in its daily service, several times less than the radar of the “Dnepr”, “DTV”, “Volga”.

On the same day, Sergei Shoigu arrived at the plant Krasmash, where I walked through the shops and checked out how reconstruction and technical modernization of the enterprise. The plant placed an order for the production of advanced missiles and refurbishment of areas will allow you to start this production in the near future. Reconstruction of the plant began in 2014, and by 2020 it is planned to upgrade the enterprise. Now the plant is producing Intercontinental ballistic missiles “Sineva”, the next batch which will be delivered this year.


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