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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Russia responded to the friendliness of the trump Commission for the fight against the United States

The main intrigue of the cold war is that it is unclear who incites us or them. We have, in General, it is believed that they. But sometimes there are events that could shake this version. Well, for example, on Tuesday there was a resonant message that the President of the United States Donald trump asked his Secretary Rex Tillerson to improve relations with Russia and “to make progress in those areas where it is possible”. And simultaneously there was news already from Russia that on Wednesday the Federation Council will pass parliamentary hearings devoted to “interference in the internal Affairs of Russia”. And the head of the international Federation Council Committee Konstantin Kosachev said that according to their results, will set up a Commission for the suppression of hostile activities in foreign States.

photo: en.wikipedia.org

Well, who’s the instigator? A curious detail: the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko during a news conference on Tuesday did not answer the question about the feasibility of establishing a “Commission for the struggle.” Naturally, she experienced diplomat. Similarly did the Deputy speaker Yevgeny Bushmin, said “MK” that discuss this topic will be possible only after the parliamentary hearings. That is the role of creators of a new round of the cold war, these policies clearly do not want to. We can assume that there is a state order, which still have to comply without much pleasure. The functions of its speaker, and took Konstantin Kosachev, who said: “Russia consistently and purposefully becomes the object to which the efforts of external partners who are trying to affect political processes in the country.” Well, we need to fight this. Called Senator and the main fault, with the intervention which must be fought, — the United States. In General, Hello Trump Tillerson and their friendly initiatives.

In General, politically, from my point of view, this “Commission against” smell is not very tasty, but technically, it is not clear why it is needed? We have intelligence agencies, intelligence and counterintelligence, the security Council… They are so aggressive impact of the West on our internal policies do not. And senators Kosachev and Klishas, which will be included in the head of the Commission, I’ll do it? Will save us all and catch all spies?

By the way, a couple of words about whether the state order for the creation of a “Commission for the struggle.” From the commentary of the press Secretary of the President of Russia it should not be. He noted that the issue of external interference in the Affairs of Russia there, it deals with the state, but about the initiative of senators answered evasively: “Based on the regulations, our parliamentarians themselves empowered to take decisions on the establishment of certain committees, it is entirely their prerogative”. However, as political analysts say, the Kremlin has a different tower. And maybe that parliamentarians in the fight against the enemies hooked is not the main one.

In the parliamentary hearings will be attended by the specialists from the Institute of USA and Canada studies. The Director of the Institute Valeriy GARBUZOV tried to answer the question “MK” about what “Commission for the struggle” will bring more: uses for national security or damage to international relations? And is there any logic in its creation?

— Judging by the caution of the review, a final decision of the Commission is pending. Before this will be careful analysis friendly initiatives trump. Diametrical contradictions between the words trump and our senators can be related to the fact that the US is not just trump. Impulses come not only from him, and they are not supported by the General atmosphere in the political class of the United States. The conviction of the Americans that Russia interfered in the electoral process, so far, only stronger. Apparently, this is connected with fear of our senators that Americans will want to fight back and affect our elections.

— Is this a possibility?

— It depends on what is considered interference? The fact that the Americans will come to the meetings, as in Ukraine? Or hold some kind of cyber attack? If our Russian senators talk about it, if you talk about a preemptive strike can cause their Commission will be very interesting. If to speak more seriously, then most likely they want to make a signal that Russia is ready to repel any attempt to influence our elections and domestic policy in General.

But it has special services, and here the senators?

— Because intelligence agencies are not informed of their plans and activities. All intelligence agencies around the world interfering in the electoral and legislative processes in different countries and their own, but not talk about it. And parliamentarians are to make public statements and demonstrations. And nothing more from such parliamentary hearings and commissions should not be expected. In addition, there is the principle of mirror answer. If the US created a special parliamentary Committee to investigate “the Russian trace” in their elections, and Russia is creating a similar Commission.

— The reflectivity is offensive synonym — aping…

— While we may not be evidence that the US is interfering in our elections simply because they can just go next year. We don’t even know about Putin’s plans for next March. Therefore, the principle of mirrored responses to the actions of the Americans is not always very good. Sometimes these answers lead to confusion and tension.

This is the opinion of americanists. His mirror metaphor very nicely intersects with the Russian proverb, which would be nice to learn the senators — both for us and overseas: “On a mirror necha to expostulate, if face is crooked”.


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