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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

“Kadyrov’s James bond”: the lawyers daughter Nemtsov said the failure of the investigation

In direct conflict with the party of state charge entered on Tuesday, June 6, during debate of the parties in the Moscow district military court the lawyers of the daughters of the deceased Boris Nemtsov. According to representatives of the interests of Jeanne němcová, one of the accused in the murder of a politician sitting on the dock, judging by the evidence unfairly. Moreover, the investigation failed main: not found the organizer and the customer of this daring crime.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The second day of debate of the parties started quite sluggishly: in the “aquarium” was obviously bored Zaur Dadayev and Khamzat (the rest, we recall, was removed for swearing), not less than look bored were the jury, while the Prosecutor repeated the plot charges. Some mobility began with access to the podium of a lawyer policy daughter Olga Mikhailova. First, well-modulated voice, the defender appealed to a jury, thanked them for their interest in the case, expressed hope that their “inner feeling” and stated that it “will accept any verdict.”

Unfortunately, the investigation did not fully disclose this heinous crime – so gently began “flogging”. – Organizers and customers are still on the loose and not even all the performers on the dock, – the lawyer continued.

– In our opinion, the investigation has not provided enough evidence against Khamzat Bagaeva, – put it on the bullet.

The Bahai, all the while blankly “Swarovski” gaze the void, suddenly put his head in his hands – it seems that the words of the lawyer for him is really unexpected. We will remind that according to investigators, the Bahai helped in the surveillance of politician, as well as provided from time to time the services of a driver. Interestingly, his biological traces, it is permissible for the examination, or in the car ZAS Sens or in apartments in the Fan, the investigators found. All that he had gained from the investigation on Bagaeva, is the fact that he was well acquainted with the accused brothers Gubarevym (they are from the same village) and lived with them in the village of Kozino. And in the night after the murder was near the Fan, which brought together all those involved in the crime.

– Such coincidences simply can not be, – an hour earlier was trying to justify investigation by the Prosecutor.

In addition, not satisfied with the lawyer and selfish motive (for the murder of Nemtsov, recall, customers were promised 15 million rubles), which insisted that the state:

– We are convinced that not only the money contributed to the elimination of Boris Nemtsov, but the current government, which never tired of criticizing the Germans. Therefore, we believe that it is necessary to look there, – said Mikhailov.

No less expressive was in the debate and the second daughter of the deceased lawyer Vadim Prokhorov. Curiously, when he came to the podium, the Prosecutor Maria Semenenko pointedly rose from his seat and left the room, waving a hand.

Prokhorov recalled that at Nemtsov, whose counsel he was for many years, been attacked more than once: egg, flour, doused with green paint, ammonia. All this the lawyer called harassment including from the state.

As for the masterminds of the crime, then the Prokhorov, was no less categorical than his colleague:

The result is a total fiasco. Apparently, the intentional, the lawyer said, reminding the audience that still not arrested Ruslan muhudinov, who is considered the customer of a crime.

Moreover, and as the customer of a crime figure Muhudinov – the usual driver looks doubtful. But his chief – Ruslan Garmaeva – whose financial resources and “hierarchical position in Kadyrov’s community” speaks volumes, the consequence was obliged to hold, says Prokhorov. Instead, he complained, there was a “real mockery of law enforcement,” the investigators went to Eremeeva, he bumped into the door and left.

At the same time, Prokhorov said that the apartment on the Fan was in the area of responsibility Eremeeva. One of them he bought for 19 million rubles, another rented for 60 thousand rubles a month. Not paid attention to the lawyer and expensive “Mercedes” with the number 007 Eremeeva, which including led and Zaur Dadayev, as figuratively a protector, “Kadyrov James bond special operation in Moscow.” The lawyer reasonably asked, whence such money at the soldier, unless additional sources of funding.

Remember Prokhorov and about the death during detention fighters Alibek Delimkhanov suspect Shabanova. In the opinion of the defender, thus the Chechen soldiers got rid of the unnecessary witness. Because the other defendants who were detained in Moscow and Ingushetia, remained alive. Thus, according to counsel, all roads lead to the leadership of the Chechen Republic.

– Well-trained crime is not considered opened until established customers and if not, then it’s a shame for the government as a whole, – said Prokhorov.

As for Bagaeva, then Prokhorov again fully supported his colleague. According to him, Bach may have been aware of and even participated in an operation to remove Nemtsov, but evidence is not.

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The Murder Of Boris Nemtsov. Chronicle of events

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