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Thursday, March 15, 2018

You’re not NATO: whether to go to Russian tourists to Montenegro

Montenegro 5 Jun became an official member of NATO. The Russian foreign Ministry painfully reacted to the incident – it was called the accession to NATO as a “hostile action” and warned of possible retaliatory measures.

Which means that jump in the direction of Russia to Montenegro, to NATO and to the Russians that love this country not only for sun, sea and the mountains, but for the kindness of its people, said the expert, “MK”, senior researcher the Institute of Slavic studies Peter ISKENDEROV.

photo: pixabay.com

Petr Akhmedovich why the Russian diplomacy was worried about the accession of Montenegro to NATO, unlike earlier such actions the same with Albania and Croatia?

– Unlike the previous wave of NATO enlargement to the East that has caused such a wide response because of the military-political sense, Montenegro is of no interest from the point of view of strengthening security of the Alliance itself. Especially in light of the discussion that happened at the last NATO summit with the participation of the President of the United States Donald trump.

– What was it?

– First of all, on financial matters. That Europeans do not pay to the common budget of NATO and not stand by those standards in 2% of GDP, which were agreed in 2014 at the summit in Wales. And it is clear that from this point of view Montenegro is of no value, but rather will be an additional burden for NATO.

– Why NATO needs Montenegro?

It is important for the Alliance from the point of view of strengthening the military presence of the Alliance, and the United States near Russia’s borders and in the strategically important region. That is, not from the point of view of defence and from the point of view of offensive actions, it’s really important. Is taken under control to a large extent the area of the Eastern Mediterranean. And this district, which is partly incorporated into the Russian military operation in Syria, i.e., serves as a power base and logistics Russia, which is very important. That is why Russia reacted negatively to the accession of Montenegro to NATO. This act to a much greater extent is anti-Russian character than the accession of Croatia and Albania.

– It gives Montenegro?

– Montenegro’s accession to NATO is not under any specific benefits. It is necessary for the course of an institutionalization of Montenegrin statehood pursued by the ruling coalition headed by the permanent leader Milo Djukanovic.

– What is the essence of this course?

– The maximum distancing from Serbia, the Serbian. Montenegrins and Serbs is historically related peoples themselves Montenegrin rulers a hundred years ago called themselves Serbs, said that Montenegrins and Serbs are two parts of one ethnic group. Now it’s all negated in the same way as the Ukrainian state is constituted on the denial of everything Russian, the Russian. That is why the ruling coalition of Montenegro joining NATO is anti-Serbian act. They show thereby that Montenegro and Serbia different foreign policy vector. So from a political point of view, it is for the ruling coalition is important. From a financial point of view, this additional burden. How, indeed, for NATO, but it is important for those aggressive circles in the US administration who think in terms of the cold war and strengthen military presence in a strategically important region, and possibly some measures of countering Russia’s policy in the middle East.

Today many Russians are literally getting offers from travel agencies about the purchase of abandoned tours in Montenegro. Prices offered very competitive. From your point of view who today is doing the right thing — those tourists who refuse to travel? Or those who purchase these tours?

From a security point of view, I don’t think anything will change in Montenegro because of its NATO membership. In Turkey, which is quite active and I must say, quite unpredictable member of the Alliance, the Russians are willing to go. Or in Greece, which is also in the Alliance. Here, rather, can play the role of any foreign or domestic political factors, relations between the two countries, as it was with Turkey. In relation to Montenegro is nothing there. The Montenegrin economy largely lives off of the income from tourism and Russian investments there are still an important part of budgeting. Now, despite NATO membership, negotiations on cooperation of Montenegro and Russia in the energy sector. Given all this, we have nothing to fear. Russian investment and tourism, from my point of view, is not in danger.

– And from the point of view of patriotism would it be correct now to go to the Russians in Montenegro?

– Again, roughly the same choice faced by our tourists with Turkey, with which friendly relations gave way to hostile and Vice versa. But with Montenegro. It is necessary to take into account the fact that Montenegrins in most very good attitude towards Russia and the Russians. Also they mostly do not support the country’s membership in NATO. So joining NATO is just a choice of the ruling elite and, in my experience, it has no negative impact on the attitude of the Montenegrins to the Russian. Quite the contrary, those parties and movements who are dissatisfied by this act, will be even more interest to treat the joint project, seeing it opposition to the course of the ruling coalition.


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