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Friday, March 23, 2018

The failure of British intelligence: London bombings could have been prevented

In the UK the investigation of the terrorist attacks, arranged in the end of last week in London. Responsibility for the attack in the British capital took over the terrorist group “Islamic state” (ISIS banned in Russia and other countries of the organization). Meanwhile in Britain, the questions arise: why intelligence agencies failed to prevent the tragedy. In fact, according to leaked media reports, some of the participants of the attacks the police have known for a long time.

photo: AP

Despite the new Internet statements about the involvement of ISIS to the London attacks, the police have reason to believe that the recent attacks (as well as the recent explosion in Manchester) it was organized from abroad. It is rather a question of “homegrown” terrorism – which, however, did not mean that terrorists are not inspired by the ideas of the “Islamic state”.

We will remind that on Saturday late evening the van slammed into passers-by on London bridge, and then the terrorists attacked with knives at civilians, shouting “This is for Allah!”. The attack killed seven people. The police managed to eliminate three of the attackers. Arrived at the scene, police issued five dozen bullets at terrorists.

It became known that among the victims of the attack along with the British were canadian citizens (canadian Chrissy Archibald, who worked for the charity for the homeless, moved to the Old world to be with my fiance) and France. There are foreigners among the numerous wounded (including people from Germany, New Zealand, Australia).

As for the attackers, the police reported that his identity has been established, but the authorities have so far refrained from any specifics on this. Their names promised to publish later.

Nevertheless, the media managed to find out that one of the terrorists was previously seen to be sympathetic to extremist ideas, moreover, about him was twice informed the police. Law enforcement, however, did nothing to prevent the tragedy.

Twenty-seven killer (presumably, he was of Pakistani origin, and among friends was known by the nickname “Abs”) appeared on Channel 4 taken last year, the documentary footage in the material about British jihadists. It can be seen in the Regent’s Park with the unfolded flag of the “Islamic state”. According to The Daily Mail, the young man caught on camera next to two renowned preachers, well known to the security services. It is also reported that a couple of years ago, he came under suspicion in an attempt to instill in children a love of radical views, giving them sweets and money. However, some neighbors in the area of Barking in East London claim that the terrorist was a fan of the club “Arsenal” and “nice guy”, the father of two small children you can trust. By the way, shortly before the attack “Abs”invited their neighbors for a barbecue, caught a farewell. On the other hand, it tell us that he was expelled from the local mosque for his challenging behavior (then, a couple of years ago, he accused the Imam of lying). It came to the point that one of the friends “ABSA” informed the police about his radical views – the police took note of everything. To touch a young radical did not.

Meanwhile, according to the British press, about this “cute guy” it is also known that he was probably a supporter sitting in prison for supporting ISIS 50-year-old extremist Anjem Choudary, who led the banned Salafi-jihadi organization “al-Muhajiroun” and other banned groups, and was associated with known igielski figure, a British citizen by the name of Siddartha Dhar (he was the author of the famous “a Brief guide to the “Islamic state”). A lot of impact on the young man, apparently, had and view in YouTube sermons of the American Islamist of Palestinian origin, Ahmad Musa Jibril, who spoke with hate-speech directed against the West. This preacher from Michigan “brainwashed” hundreds of young citizens of Western countries and was the inspiration for their departure to the war in Syria.

According to press reports, the body of one of the eliminated terrorists were found Irish passport – it is reported that this man, allegedly a native of Morocco, but lived in Dublin.

Meantime, police carried out detentions of people suspected of involvement in the attack in the centre of the British capital. Reported arrests in the London districts of nuem and Barking. Among those who were detained in the case, were several women, the youngest of which is 19 years and oldest was 60.

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