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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

“She is engaged in populism”: the initiators of the “family” of the attack Poklonskaya explained the reasons

The Deputy of the state Duma and the heroine charming animalic Natalia Polonskaya had to admit that she ain’t got no husband. An intimate revelation was pronounced under pressure from the Russian branch of Transparency International and the Center for anti-corruption policy of the party “Yabloko”. They began an investigation into the annual Declaration of the Deputy and became interested in why no mention is made of the property and income of the husband and the car. “MK” asked the proponents: don’t they have feelings of embarrassment for what had forced the woman to report to the society about the nuances of his personal life?

photo: kremlin.ru

In principle Poklonskaya ran on the scandal itself, thanks to the careless statement that happens to her often. Natalia has positioned itself as an active fighter against corruption, it is not surprising that she was asked a question about whether it considers its allies in this struggle, the opposition of the Fund of struggle against corruption Alexei Navalny and foreign organization Transparency International (TI). In response to “miss the state Duma” slashed the shoulder: “Maybe it would not hurt them to check for corruption. Because, as they say, the thief and the cap burns”. Navalny, being a gentleman, said nothing. But TI did not disdain to fight back. Deputy head TI Ilya Shumanov has promised to launch an investigation against itself Poklonski. And the Centre of anti-corruption policy (DAC) of the Yabloko party wrote a request to the Prosecutor and the state Duma about its Declaration. Well, really: Natalia claimed that she has a wonderful family and loving husband. But the Declaration is no husband, or his income.

Had Natalia to get out and blush. “Indeed, I said earlier in the press that I have a wonderful family: a husband, a child… And when I said it, I had a relationship with a man with whom we had intended to draw. But, unfortunately, it just so happened that we broke up. And so to specify someone in a Declaration in the form of my husband, I can’t because I don’t have it. That’s all a misunderstanding. I really have no husband,” admitted Taylor. And (again, this was clearly unnecessary because it immediately turned into a joke) told about another reason for his stories about non-existent husband, “there were a lot of people who cherished some hope to me meet, to build relationships, to meet… So that people do not hurt immediately and completely kill all desire, I said married, I have a wonderful family”.

But in the absence of the Declaration of the car Hyundai Solaris, she explained it was a gift for his father, who broke a twenty-year “Zhiguli”. By the way, Hyundai Solaris, and even a used — car is not expensive. With a salary of MP can buy that only a new and improved configuration. So the corruption investigation this gift of the father clearly drawn.

And now give the floor to the initiators of the investigation.

— In the address of our party Poklonskaya not spoken and the insults we are not struck, so that personal resentment and revenge our side can not be, — said the “MK” head of the DAC of the party “Yabloko” Sergei MITROKHIN. — But, really, the grounds were unsubstantiated accusations against TI and FPC. But really we since 2010 (when it was allowed to political parties) sent the requests about declarations of deputies. Was our inquiry about Boris Gryzlov, when he worked as the speaker of the state Duma, and so on. Poklonskaya just in this series.

Don’t you feel some embarrassment over the fact that the woman on your initiative had to admit the details of his personal life? As ungentlemanly as it turned…

If she was an ordinary woman, or even normal MP, then remorse can occur. Nor would we even be doing this. But it also positions itself much higher — as a great politician, as the main fighter against corruption, for example, was only looking for it for some reason only in the ranks of the opposition, not in government. She is no ordinary woman, she’s not from the plate came to the state Duma, the chief Prosecutor, and, therefore, in such a position to feel sorry for her no one will. Poklonskaya recently said that the need to conduct an investigation into bogus divorces officials and introduce for this increased responsibility. And we drew attention to the reality or fictitiousness of her own marriage. She forgot about saying that if you live in a glass house need not throw stones at the neighbor’s house.

— Do you personally believe that Taylor would intentionally cheat, and participate in corrupt schemes?

— Not really. But she is engaged in populism and blames the corruption of people who are not officials, and officials. That is, even if you want can’t come close to corruption. Then let them get a reaction — she will be “survey”.

— We have not started investigations against Polonskaya, but only announced this intention, — said the “MK” Ilya SHUMANOV. — So no charges were ever brought and not brought. No vendetta, we are not going on. And the fact that she already had to reveal personal secrets, I think, very pleased with the Russians. It is very interesting to learn details of the life of public entities.

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