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Friday, March 16, 2018

Service Nadobnosti: Putin admitted the desire to join NATO

“We were born to make a fairy tale come true,” said the poet. And the President’s recent statement confirms that for our country there is nothing not possible. Vladimir Putin, he said, offered the American President to consider the question of Russia joining NATO. Are we really was one step away from being always aggressive block turned into a new edition of the anti-Hitler coalition?

photo: kremlin.ru

The recognition came during an interview with the American Director Oliver stone. Literally it reads: “I remember one of our last meetings with President Clinton, even when Clinton was President. He came to Moscow. And I in the discussion said, “Well, maybe to see that Russia and maybe join NATO. Clinton replied: “Well, what, I don’t mind”. But the whole delegation of us very nervous”. Stone noticed that Russia may try to submit a formal application for membership in NATO. In response there was laughter Putin: the President appreciated the joke.

But then, in June 2000, Putin did not seem joking. The seriousness of his intentions and confirms “the Bible of palynologie” – the book “first person. Conversations with Vladimir Putin”, published in early 2000. In response to the question, whether to consider the country’s accession to the North Atlantic Alliance, Putin, while still acting President, said that he considers it quite possible – “provided that to us will be treated as an equal partner.” Although it said Mr Putin, but it is still “distant future”, since the path of rapprochement will have to overcome a lot of problems.

However, as an example, he cited the problem then, which hand on heart is hardly a stumbling block: “a block, and NATO is no exception, adopts the standards of weapons, and this, of course, significantly affect the interests of the defense industry.” At least, the historical predecessor of the Russian Federation is a serious problem, not thought in the same interview, Putin recalled that at the time NATO had intended to join the Soviet Union, but “not let us go”. And this is not a joke – it was filed March 31, 1954.

“Given the right conditions, it is clear that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization could lose its aggressive nature if it consists of all the countries participating in the coalition, reads the corresponding text of the Soviet note. – Unchanged foreign policy guided by principles of peace and reduce tension in international relations, the Soviet government expresses its readiness, together with interested States to explore the possibility of joining the Soviet Union in NATO.”

But NATO did not believe in the peacefulness of “tips”. Doubts about NATO in detail reproduces the declassified record of the discussion of the Soviet note to the headquarters of the Alliance: “it Seems unlikely that the Soviet proposal… is sincere… the Main purpose of the Application looks like the following: 1) slow down and, if possible, to prevent the ratification and entry into force of the Treaty on European defense Community, to eliminate any possibility of German participation in the defense of the West; 2) propaganda 3) to confuse and, if possible, to divide NATO members”.

And fair to say that these assumptions were, it seems, is not so far from the truth: during the cold war, which was a good any a means of propaganda. They tempted us with radiolocate, painted the benefits of living on the other side of the curtain, and we have them – new peace initiatives. Too different we were back then, were too different in our values and our goals below from these beginnings it was possible to expect something worthwhile.

But by the early 2000s, a distance, of course, greatly reduced – perhaps to the lowest since the birth of the Alliance range. Actually, this was the basis of Putin to dream out loud about the unification of the NATO and Russian standard weapons. At that time it just didn’t look distant manilovism. But then because of the known reasons for the NATO and Russian paths once again began rapidly to disperse. Crossroads was the war in Iraq. Happened after the “first independence”, “force Georgia to peace”, “the second independence”… And so on and so forth.

Today, when the relationship went back to almost the same state of aggregation, as in the midst of the cold war, Putin told history is perceived as a legend, a joke, an April fools joke. Yes, as you can see, and the President himself recalls this with a laugh. And then, pourveu, said that “NATO is a foreign policy tool of the United States” who have no allies, there are only “vassals”. What kind of Alliance! Do not fight in the open and the glory of God. But never say “once”.

In its history, Russia has been in a situation when ideologically close partners turned into treacherous enemies, and to the rescue came the curse, constantly shitting “English” and “American.” For its part, the “free world” too often had to sacrifice principles for the sake of assistance from the very unsympathetic to him “tyrants”.

As goes the popular wisdom, if you want to live – not raskoryachishsya. Although, of course, would like to see a similar reason for the friendship was not as long as possible.


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