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Friday, March 23, 2018

“Hard to walk”: for award Granin Putin has brought in Peter honor guard

One of the most prestigious awards of Russia – state prize for outstanding achievements in humanitarian work is always given only to the 12 of June and only in the Kremlin. But this year’s laureate because of his venerable age and merit, an exception was made. 98-year-old writer and veteran Daniel Granik held almost the entire war and not afraid to tell the ugly truth about her, rewarded and feted in his native St. Petersburg. Such was the decision of the President.

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photo: kremlin.ru

Since 2004, the ceremony of awarding the state prize is an integral part of the official celebration of the day of Russia, collecting in the Kremlin’s entire political and cultural elite. From the three nominations is the award for achievements in humanitarian activities – the most honorable. Unlike the rest of it is awarded to only one person and only once in a lifetime. “But Daniel could not go to Moscow on June 12. He recently, hard to walk, and distances are great,” – said the relatives of the writer, noting that for a long time did not dare to report to the Kremlin that its refusal. But the President understood without further explanation. At his direction, in the Konstantinovsky Palace for Daniel Granik decided to conduct a personal ceremony, no different from the present. Even the Kremlin orchestra and the honor guard flew for one day from Moscow.

The appearance of the writer in the doorway of the Marble hall of the Palace those present greeted this with a standing ovation, which did not cease until, while, leaning on a stick and niece, Granin did not overcome a few meters separating it from the chair. Years do not make anyone taller and straighter, but not in their power to defeat the enormous power of the spirit, which was felt in this man, despite his physical weakness. It was her, and the dignity with which Granik took the whole of his long and difficult life, applauded the audience. By the way, the guests at the ceremony were invited the writer himself.

Here were his relatives and friends, famous figures of culture of St. Petersburg – the Hermitage Director Mikhail Piotrovsky, cellist Sergei Roldugin (by the way, too, for some reason with a stick), film Director Alexander Sokurov, linguist Lyudmila Verbitskaya, etc. Not only was Vladimir Medinsky. And, probably, it is easy to understand why. Granin writes a lot about the ugly side of war: the doubt and betrayal, about the exploits performed accidentally, because there was no choice about the loss of human dignity and needless casualties. In General, everything that is now considered defeatism and does not fit into the official line of the Ministry of culture. And he does not believe in the reality of the exploits of 28 Panfilov and Alexander Matrosov…. Although he admits: these and other myths really raised the morale.

Putin himself came to Daniel Granin, to give him a sign of the winner. But the writer still decided to go to the lectern to say the response word. This tiny path has again taken a very long time. And the hall applauded again. And many looked with horror on the slippery marble floor, knowing that one wrong move could end in disaster.

For all.

And Putin is probably also aware, so very carefully kept Daniil Granin elbow, and it was evident that the President breathed a sigh of relief when they finally came. “To find myself not always possible, but the search is not delivering the satisfaction, and you become a different person. Everyone, sure, for something designed. It can become a much greater person than he is. First time talking about it, for me it’s something sacred,” the writer’s voice sounded very quiet. To hear him, even photographers who are usually Sands is not a decree, ceased to click the paddles. And the guests remained standing, eagerly craning neck.

“Terrible acoustics, cursed the builders of the Palace of Alexander Sokurov – the Meaning is clear, but I would like to hear the details.” Later he says that despite sound problems, the ceremony was very simple, sincere and without ostentation, that would be unacceptable in this case. “Greater Granik anyone in our town! It is very important that the prize was awarded man, which is the composite portrait of St. Petersburg and St. Petersburgers”, – said the Director.

And Putin were sitting next to the winner, held his hand, and together they considered a book.

This is the last novel Granin “She and all the rest”? I asked someone from the family, knowing that in its 98 years the writer has addressed the theme of love. (Though without the war, of course, also has not done).

– Well, you! Daniel would never give the President my book. That would be immodest. If he wants, he will find and read. This is the album artwork of the Northern capital…

Obviously familiar species prompted Putin’s reciprocal confession: “I once caught myself thinking that when I arrive in St. Petersburg and sit in the car like a chip on my shoulder falls, comes the relief of mental. It is unusual in a sense and very pleasant.”

Daniil Granin very quiet and seemed to hesitate, asked the President about a small conversation with eye to eye:

– When you can?

And although the schedule was tight, and the next event is already almost started, GDP is not doubted:

“Today. Now ” – with readiness he nodded, realizing that for people like Granin, the whole world will have to wait.

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