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Friday, March 23, 2018

The most expensive US aircraft carrier on the terrible Russian missiles

Americans have adopted the newest aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford, worth about 13 billion dollars. Today this ship is the most expensive in the world. The assurances of the naval forces of the United States aircraft carrier crammed with the most modern equipment and created with the use of technology “Stealth”, making it invisible to enemy radar. “MK” asked a military expert what this “aircraft carrier future” and what problems it can present to a potential enemy and there is a sense in the Russian Navy to follow the path of the United States.

photo: en.wikipedia.org

The construction of the colossus began in 2009. The aircraft carrier is more like a small city it length of 337 meters, width of 78 meters and a height of -76 meters. 25 on the ship decks, two of a nuclear reactor, it serves about 5000 people team (2500-2700 crew, of about 2480 people group and about 70 people of staff), and the price matches the external debt of Belarus. It was planned that the Gerald R. Ford will be launched in September 2014, however, due to numerous deficiencies, these dates were postponed several times.

Even now, the town-ship until the end of the not ready for combat operations. By 2020 it will be a technical run — make a few trips to fine-tune the life-support systems.

As told by MK military expert Viktor murakhovski,. This is the first ship of a new series of aircraft carriers Gerald R. Ford. It is planned to build four such “ship of the future”, which are replaced by aircraft carriers of the Nimitz project.

– The cost of the ship certainly monstrous, there is still need to consider the cost of operation, and according to estimates of American experts that 22 billion dollars to add on to that the cost of the wing, which will be based… the Ship turns out not even Golden, don’t know, probably a diamond – said murakhovski.

According to him, based on the aircraft are carrier-based fighter of the fifth generation F-35, carrier-based drones and helicopters.

For good, this project cannot be called a breakthrough in the creation of carriers. Fundamentally, he did not introduce anything new. There certainly is technical innovations, in particular the use of electromagnetic instead of steam catapults, arresting gear with electrocorrosion, stealth technology again. Fewer lifts, but again, fundamentally it is no superior to the existing classes, – said the expert.

According to him, it can accommodate up to 100 aircraft, with the latest technical solutions able to increase the intensity of fighting departures of up to 160, but on aircraft carriers operated by the U.S. Navy, the intensity of the combat load of the order of 120-150 flights per day and the fundamental difference in the increase in no.

They got monstrously expensive ship, which slightly increased their combat capabilities in comparison to its predecessors. And the cost has doubled.

In General, speaking about opportunities of aircraft carriers, the expert noted that the ships of this class have never been tested in real military conflict, even of medium intensity.

-Roughly speaking, the United States used aircraft carriers in conflicts with third world countries that had no effective air force and Navy, – said murakhovski. – In serious doubt of their real combat capability in the event of large-scale conflict. Not even with India, China or Russia, and with the same Iran. Iran has protivokrazhnye missiles that could be used against aircraft carriers, there are aircraft, which can strike, and have experience in applying marine impacts.

The expert noted that if to speak about Russian anti-ship missiles, they can destroy any aircraft carriers. The problem was only targeting from space.

– Now put in orbit satellites, and there’s this whopper, even using stealth technology you can not hide from the sight from space. As soon as the missiles will be aim – chances of survival of an aircraft carrier, I do not see, – says Murakhovsky

The expert explained that such ships, the United States creates because military doctrine spelled out the conquest of the oceans. In addition, through the Pacific and Atlantic oceans to those countries that the US considers its enemies still need to get to and carrier strike group is a necessary tool.

Speaking about the necessity of ships of this type for Russia, the expert noted that the plans for the carriers of course exist, but whether they are necessary to our Navy ,the question is moot.

– For our fleets and our seas ships of this class do not need may need a helicopter, especially in the far East, and perhaps all. Having a land base in the same Syria the efficiency of use of aircraft will be much better, and costs are accordingly significantly less concluded murakhovski.

Watch the video on:
“The most expensive warship: how does the new US aircraft carrier”



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