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Friday, April 13, 2018

Trump may return to Russia arrested Obama diplomatic villas

Diplomatic “giving” in America, who were arrested by the Obama administration, unable to return to Russia. On the relevant intention of the presidential office trump learned the American media. The property was “confiscated” from the Russian Federation in December of last year, when the alleged Moscow’s intervention in the American elections from the United States sent 35 Russian diplomats. Now the President trump is considering return of “giving” to the Russian side, as the issue of the arrested of ownership prevents to improve relations between the two countries.

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As the Washington Post reported in may the Secretary of state Rex Tillerson urged Russia to return the “giving” in new York and Maryland in exchange for the construction of a new building of the American Consulate in St. Petersburg. But a few days later he changed his mind and refused such a “deal”. However, the position of the American authorities is changing and soon the property could return to Russia, according to sources of publication.

But the return is furnished certain conditions. Washington considers this option to return the property, but to deprive her of diplomatic immunity. This will allow U.S. law enforcement to freely enter buildings. The Obama administration arrested the diplomatic property under the pretext that it was used for surveillance and reconnaissance. The removal of immunity will help to dispel these suspicions. However, whether to agree to such conditions Russia?

“Giving” is, in question, were held by Russia since the Soviet times. As writes Washington Post, they were used for the rest of the diplomats, and also for official events. But since the days of President Reagan, the publication, in government circles of the USA there were suspicions that the house used for gathering and processing intelligence.

In December last year, Washington finally found an excuse to get rid of these suspicions: “cottages” were arrested, and 35 Russian diplomats expelled from the country. The formal pretext was the “pressure” on employees of the American Embassy in Russia (the Kremlin denies it) and the alleged involvement of Russian hackers in the us election campaign.

Earlier, Russia froze plans to build a new U.S. Consulate in St. Petersburg (according to American media, the country needed a new building because the old was literally Packed with Russian bugs). It happened after the imposition of anti-Russian sanctions related to the conflict in the Donbas. Moscow considers the arrest of his property in America as a hostile act and indicates that this problem in the bilateral relations need to be addressed first.

According to the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov, at the White house understand that the Russian seizure of property was unlawful. After meeting with Tillerson and the tramp he expressed the hope that this problem will be resolved. “Now our dialogue is free from ideologized, which was typical for the Obama administration — said the Minister. — The administration of the trump and the President, and the Secretary of state is a people business, and they want to negotiate.”

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