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Friday, March 23, 2018

Political analysts predicted the future of Bulk after losing Usmanov

The loss of Alexei Navalny businessman Alisher Usmanov became the main event of this week: a court decision the Bulk film about the Prime Minister needs to be removed, the opposition must refute some of his statements about the businessman.

Now Bulk rudely refuses to do it. But it should not be given this form of attention. Now the lawyers of FBK prepare an appeal, and prior to its consideration in Moscow city court the sentence is considered not enforceable.

Of course, we all know that “our court — the most fair court in the world,” but interested observers began to notice the “ease” of handling facts in the latest investigations of the FCO. For example, liberal “jellyfish” self-sorted Bulk words that Usmanov could sit for a sexual offence. And found out that the opposition, apparently, only read the title of the source, which was referred to — the article by the former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray. In General, a typical mistake of a novice journalist.

Even more amazing story happened with the investigation of the FBC “Who owns the TV in Russia”. It was based on such outdated data that was evident even the most sophisticated reader. After criticism in the Network, the Fund has deleted it.

Affect whether Bulk lose in court and he admits, on his popularity?

Photo: navalny.feldman.photo

“For populist caught in a lie is not fatal”

Yevgeny Minchenko, Director of the International Institute of political expertise:

— Any event is a part of history. Navalny has his story. Its a myth that he is the only fearless fighter with power. Accordingly, he can pack into this myth any event, “Yes, I lost the court because the government has mobilized all resources against me.” Rational arguments that Navalny voluntarily spoke with the facts, his supporters have no effect. This can be seen even in discussions in social networks. They do not take them.

For hesitant people this may look an example of carelessness. Navalny positions himself as a fighter for the truth, and it turns out that he, in General, resorted to a not very beautiful. As he got out with the book of the British Ambassador. I had this book to find — and were convinced that Navalny is telling the truth. He could use this book to spend money and not get into such a situation.

No “sunset Bulk” this situation can not be called. For populist caught him in a lie is not fatal. Let’s remember how many times the same trump was caught in a free treatment of facts, and it may not lead to anything.

Side-Usmanov — is a tactical victory. But without much of a myth it still doesn’t solve the problem: a) radicalization of society and the rise antiestablishment sentiment and b) shortage of supply in this niche, and the possibility of monopolization of the Bulk of this segment. This risk will not go away.

“Mistakes of the Bulk, are estimated by experts”

Alexei MAKARKIN, Vice-President of the Center for political technologies:

— The court’s decision is unlikely to seriously change anything. The Navalny supporters will think that it is unfair and Bulk right. Opponents of the Bulk of this decision will be approved for them is a proof that Bulk is deeply mistaken. From the politicized part of the society against Navalny has already been formed.

As for wavering between supporters and opponents of the Bulk — many of them not interested in politics. For them, the news is yesterday’s storm, and not the decision of this court. But if they’re interested, then the image point of view more can win Bulk. They do not come from the arguments of the parties, and their psychological perception: a key role is played by emotions, in relation to a person or to some phenomenon. The attitude of the entrepreneurs in our country, as in many others, is not optimal. And here they rather like the whistleblower. Regardless of the quality of his arguments. He uses obsolete data well. Mistakes Bulk, evaluated by professionals who pay attention to them, but not a wide audience.

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