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Friday, December 8, 2017

The Russians found the moon aliens

A radio Amateur from Nizhny Tagil, Valentin Degteryov studied images taken by the representatives of the American Agency NASA during a flight to the moon, and came to the conclusion that the Earth’s satellite can detect spaceships and a whole city of aliens. Thus, according to the Russians, quoted by several online media, the information is deliberately concealed from the General public.

photo: pixabay.com

Russian UFO researcher claims that during the last century of manned flight to the moon space ships are often surrounded by UFOs, some of which can be seen on the photos obtained then. A resident of Nizhny Tagil says that many pictures of the lunar surface is clearly edited — to explain it Degterev Salonen that “censors” were trying to hide from observers of the objects, obviously artificial origin being the most obvious — for example, a paved road aliens.

However, despite all the “precautions”, in lunar images can still be seen as a huge alien spaceships, and a whole city of aliens, reports ura.ru with reference to Russian. It was reported that nearly discoid contour of this city can be seen on one of the poles of the satellite. Traces activities of sentient beings allegedly can be detected inside some lunar craters.

Not so long ago the media reported another “opening” Dmitry Degterev — two weeks ago, he stated that, considering the satellite images he found in the ice of Antarctica alien spaceship. According to ham, the spaceship, the length of which reaches 600 meters, crashed over the South pole millions of years ago. And yet a few weeks earlier Tagil ham was discovered on Mars object resembling a nuclear bomb, and on this basis suggested that in the past on Mars there was a civilization destroyed by the civil war.


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