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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The revised period of the existence of habitable conditions on Mars

American scientists have shown that habitable conditions on Mars persisted even after liquid water disappeared from the surface of the planet. A study published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, briefly about it, reports the Los Alamos national laboratory (USA).

Measurements taken by scientific instruments of the Rover Curiosity showed a high concentration of silica in the cracks at the bottom of Gale crater on Mars. On the planet’s surface deposits were, as scientists believe, in ancient times from the depths of the planet along with groundwater.

The latter means that the abundance of liquid water on Mars existed much longer than previously thought. In particular, the authors believe that once dry the surface of the lake, life on Mars could be stored near sources of groundwater in the bowels of the planet.

Age of Gale crater (with a diameter of over 150 kilometers) is estimated at 3.5 billion years, its bottom filled with lots of eroded sedimentary rocks. In ancient times, the deepest part of the crater was filled with water. At its center is mount sharp (Aolida) with a height of about 5.5 kilometers.

Mars Rover NASA’s Curiosity Rover went to Mars on 26 November 2011. Landing on Mars on August 6 2012 in Gale crater. This is the third Mars Rover launched by NASA in the framework of the Mars Science Laboratory.

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