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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Putin made the original visit: the old believers waited 350 years

Although the Kremlin claim that before the presidential campaign is still far, the recent actions of Vladimir Putin suggests the opposite. On Wednesday, he unexpectedly went on a visit to the most famous table — Rogozhskaya Sloboda. Being a staunch supporter of the unity of the nation, the President, apparently, decided to put an end to centuries of division and try to establish a dialogue between the Orthodox Church and old believers.

photo: kremlin.ru

The invitation to visit the rogozhskoye spiritual center of Metropolitan of Russian Orthodox old believe Church (rpsts) Cornelius gave Vladimir Putin at a meeting in the Kremlin on March 16. It was primarily a gesture of courtesy.

Believers and had no idea that the head of state, indeed, will come to their abode – because that has not happened since the split, that is, the last 350 years. Even Nicholas II, which was released a decree “On the tolerance development”, happy Easter greetings with the old believers (which, by the way, served in his personal guard), but their temples never visited.

The reason for Putin’s visit was the opening of the exhibition “the power of the spirit of tradition and loyalty” and the anniversary of Metropolitan Cornelius. June 1, simultaneously with the day of the Lord will celebrate its 70th anniversary, though he more than 60 does not give. The true age gives is that long white beard. As you know, the old believers are loyal supporters of the healthy lifestyle – you never smoke, do not drink and work a lot outdoors.

At the head rpsts Cornelius stood up in 2005 and that is when the believers began to slowly open up to the world. “We used to be absolutely closed – recognizes the father (Alexey Lopatin), And now hold exhibitions, invite experts to study our heritage”. To learn really have something: the old believers keep the rare icons of the Pskov and Novgorod letters, many of which do not have analogues in the Synodal tradition. Prohibited by the official Church, but revered by conservatives include, for example, the image “Wet Beard Spas” and “Spas yaroe Oko”. One icon of Christ wedge-shaped beard and left eye more than the right. On the other into conflict with the Synodal tradition comes a lack of halo. However, the greatest impression on the casual viewer usually produces a St Christopher, which before the split was depicted with a dog’s head, and in that frightening, but the only correct, as it says rpsts, the guise he is represented in the old believer churches.

So Vladimir Putin could get a better look at the ancient faces, silver chandeliers Catherine’s time and reliquaries, which for the occasion specially brought from the sacristy, an hour before the arrival of the President in the Cathedral of the intercession began to light candles. At the turn of the second decade of the 21st century, the old believers still do not recognize the electricity. And continue to pave the floors of their temples a tree.

Until the restoration of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour on Volkhonka St. Basil’s Cathedral was the largest Orthodox Church in Moscow, simultaneously with capacity for 7 thousand believers. And just in Rogozhskaya Sloboda and its surroundings before the revolution, lived 30 thousand believers. (In Russia — 20 million) it is Interesting that in the Soviet time the interior of the Cathedral is almost not affected: only the icons have lost their silver salary. Well, what to persecution, the believers were not used to. Anathema on the followers of staroobryadtsy betrayed in 1666, and since then, it’s almost never lived in peace. Not accidentally, many fled to remote areas of Siberia and even to South America.

photo: kremlin.ru

However, no doubt of the correctness of the chosen path nor the Cornelius nor his companions there.

– The old believers — that true Orthodoxy, which, through Prince Vladimir came to our earth, we cherish and preserve these traditions. Hope it’s not only the past but also the future of our state, looking straight into the eyes of Vladimir Putin, who is known to be a parishioner of the Russian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan said.

To the secular authorities, and in particular, to the President himself, the believers there are some urgent requests. First, to celebrate at the state level, the 400th anniversary of the Archpriest Avvakum, who was not only father of the Church schism, but above all the father of Russian literature. The corresponding order gave the GDP a few years ago: now the main thing that it is not lost in the Ministerial corridors.

In addition, the rpsts with the support of the Federal center expects to return earlier belonged to her building. This process for a long time and is active in the Synod of the Orthodox Church, but the believers still remain with nothing.

Last but not least the request concerns the provision of land to those supporters of the Church, who returned home from South America. Now instead of helping with their own farms, regional officials are trying to employ them on the farm, which is totally unacceptable for religious reasons. “The believers are always worked on the land, but they in any case would not want to be employees”, – emphasized in the community.

Vladimir Putin listened attentively, but said little, apparently feeling not quite at ease, especially after a joint photo Cornelius held up two fingers — the main symbol of the only true from the point of view of the believers of the faith.

During the tour, in Rogozhskaya Sloboda, the President suddenly made a strange gesture in the direction of peacefully walking pigeon — whether a welcome waved, or made an attempt to beckon to him. However, the owners of the stiffness of the distinguished guest did not notice. And he called the visit a great honor and a symbolic gesture indicating the full legalization of the old believers. “Always made to look in first person. The arrival of the President means that the Orthodox tradition was adopted by government in its entirety. This is important in particular for the Russian Orthodox Church, some members who still consider us “nadogradnja” and almost “enemies of the people”, – said the “MK” one of the monks.

Finally, Putin and Cornelius exchanged gifts. Metropolitan on the occasion of the day of the angel and the coming of the 70th anniversary received “the Life and Miracles of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker,” in 1911, with a GDP of prayerful old believers icon of the Holy Trinity, the feast which will be celebrated next Sunday.


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