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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Putin in the Kremlin comforted a tired kid: “well, don’t cry!”

May 31, on the eve of children’s Day, the President awarded at the Kremlin the order of “Parental glory” particularly outstanding many moms and dads. After talking with them, the President met with those who are shooting favorite cartoons of kids. Domestic animation recently turned 105 years, he recalled.

photo: kremlin.ru

Dressed in festive clothes, arrived at the award ceremony in the Kremlin with their families — who with a dozen, who with a half dozen children, including the very young. Given this, the President that had come loose due to the important Affairs of the state from the graph, pushed the planned meeting with the multipliers at a later date and came into the hall, where he waited for a large family. But the kids still noticeably tired and from time to time interrupted the speech with a loud cry.

— Well, do not cry, all right! he said, entering the room to loud music, frightened one of the kids. — Well, the kid rattled, rattled!

I’m sure you do everything to your children grew up honest, decent people! Working parents — a lot of work without breaks and weekends — he turned then to the parents, among them at the Banquet tables was also noticed by the Minister of education and science Olga Vasiliev and the Vice-speaker of the state Duma Irina Yarovaya.

The head of state mentioned the support provided to large families, and as a consequence — increase in the number of such families. And then promised to continue this support in the future. However, the details did not elaborate, noting only a role to play in this important matter to the local authorities — regional and utility: “you can Always find out if you deal with these problems,” he said, apparently referring to the difficulties along the way.

In turn, the parents, receiving from the hands of the head of state of the order “Parental glory” vigorously thanked him.

— Really would like to see our entire country feel like one big large family loved each other, wished the large dad from the Astrakhan region.

That always pleases at such events is the fact that we are dealing with very kind people, Alaverdi President.

Unlike children even if the President of the multipliers did not cry, but found, than to please him.

As it turned out, in recent years, the domestic animation came out of a long crisis, and even went to growth, which according to expert estimates, up to 12 percent a year. This increases not only the production but even the rental of feature-length animation, has found its audience in Russia and even abroad. A growing number of animated series “for all” and author of short animated, according to the same experts, is firmly established in made her a global level, regularly receiving all conceivable international awards. And for good reason.

Pursuant to Putin’s orders 2011 the Ministry of culture has developed a whole system of measures of support of the film Studio “Soyuzmultfilm”, which allowed her to recover the lost was performance: for example, in 2017 the Studio prepared to launch a record production volume of animated films — in 156 minutes of short films and TV series with a total volume of 370 minutes. Also will be released the first post-Soviet feature-length puppet cartoon “Hoffmanniana”, and the next year it is planned to release another full-length film “Suvorov”.

Moreover. The same experts claim that the domestic cartoons are the most in demand part of Russian cinema in a foreign rental markets. However, mainly we are talking about the CIS countries, the Baltic States and Eastern Europe. However, the first two seasons of the series “Masha and the Bear” was sold, as it turned out, more than a hundred countries, and in October last year, the brand “Masha and the Bear” is among the five most popular brands in Europe. Or take the series “Belka and Strelka”, which sold in 160 countries. “Smeshariki” sold in more than 150 countries, and “the snow Queen” was purchased by countries such as Germany, France, USA, Canada, South Korea, Australia, UK and Middle East countries.

I wanted to discuss with you today where you are, and to hear your concerns — addressed to the masters of animation Putin.

And then it turned out that not so smooth in animation and unsolved problems, complained of the master screen to the head of state. And there are an insufficient number of cinemas; and lack of interest of TV channels in the demonstration of cartoons; and low procurement prices; and the shortage of personnel, aggravated by deficiencies in the system of their training. In addition, the entire domestic animation is now working on imported technological base, which in the era of economic sanctions more than fraught, they reminded Putin.

Gets domestic multipliers, according to them, competition in the domestic market with foreign cartoons. Moreover, the level of their financial support is not comparable with the domestic.

Seemingly Putin met with the message “give money” with understanding. However, nothing concrete at the time of signing the numbers multiples not promised.

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