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Friday, March 23, 2018

Japanese scientists: the magnetic poles of the Earth reversed

New evidence that in the distant past the magnetic poles of the Earth were located the opposite way, and found the Japanese experts from the University Ibakari and other research organizations in the country. According to the researchers, they were able to clarify exactly when a change of the magnetic poles — new data show that this happened about 770 thousand years ago.

photo: pixabay.com

Inversion of Earth’s magnetic field is a rare phenomenon, in which all the arrows of compasses would start showing the opposite direction. However, during the existence of compasses and even of the species Homo sapiens like this has happened.

In the Japanese Prefecture of Chiba specialists have studied the geological layer that corresponds to the period of Earth’s history, which is 770 thousand years ago, according to broadcaster NHK. As a result, the specialists have discovered evidence that “seminovos” the beginning of the period that is the inverse of the magnetic field of the planet. Experts report that, after analyzing the samples, they were able to obtain information about the magnetic radiation of ancient rocks, which, in turn, proved that magnetic poles of the Earth, apparently indeed changed places.

Experts believe that if the opening will be able to confirm the geological period from 770 to 120 thousand years ago will be called Tibani in honor of Chiba Prefecture. So far, this title was never assigned location in Japan or even Asia in General. By the way, recently, Japan was first “mentioned” in the periodic table — the element 113, the opening of which was recognized by the Institute of natural Sciences Institute RIKEN has been called “nichani” after the words “Nihon” in the Japanese language meaning “Place where the Sun rises” and is one of the self Japan.


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