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Sunday, March 18, 2018

In Japan has confirmed the change of the magnetic poles 770 thousand years ago

Japanese scientists found evidence that 770 thousand years ago, the magnetic poles of the Earth took the opposite of the current situation, said broadcaster NHK.

As the channel, in the Japanese Prefecture of Chiba Prefecture along the river Edogawa was discovered geological layer, samples of rock which testify to the time of the pole shift. Analysis of the fragments of rock that have received magnetic radiation, shows that 770 thousand years ago, the South magnetic pole was located on the North pole. On the turn, which comes at a time of 770 thousand years ago, the magnetic poles of the Earth reversed.

Names of geological periods and tiers in them, as a rule, relate to geographical location of a specific geological layer. For this reason the Japanese geologists intend to nominate in June, the Prefecture of Chiba Prefecture as a candidate in order to give name to the whole period 770-120 thousand years ago. In this case, the company will be known as Tibani.

In addition to the prefectures of Chiba, to give this period its name, expect and two Italian cities, but Japanese scientists believe that the findings of Chiba Prefecture is most clearly represent the main revolutionary feature of the changes that have occurred in it. In this case, assign a name to a geological period in areas located in Asia, will happen for the first time.

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