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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

“Hurry and come down”: the court established that Navalny misrepresented Usmanov

Only two days were needed at Lublin court of Moscow to consider the case “Usmanov vs Bulk.” Stack of documents, put the judge on the table by the attorneys of the plaintiff, the oligarch Alisher Usmanov, has moved the stack of papers, which were arguments of the defendant, opposition leader Alexei Navalny. And the bigger the court, as it turned out, didn’t need to.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

We will remind, hearings on the merits began on the eve of all applications Bulk call witnesses, among whom was the name of Dmitry Medvedev and his classmates, as well as Igor Shuvalov, was rejected. The court also denied the defendants is to require written evidence that they to were not.

Some of the stated defendants ‘ motions, the court called premature, but the time for them has not occurred. On Wednesday, the judge indicated that start arguments. The lawyer of FBK Ivan Zhdanov tried to return the process to the stage of consideration on the merits. The plaintiff’s lawyers were laid on the table of the defendants weighty pack of documents which, from their point of view, refute the statements of the Bulk about Usmanov.

— Despite the fact that they only gave us 10 minutes, we had enough time to study 140 pages, but we have questions to these documents, — explained his request Zhdanov.

— At the stage of judicial debate such issues is not provided, — said the judge.

The first speech was made by Genrikh Padva, the lawyer Alisher Usmanov.

To me one of the many petitions filed to the court by the defendant, ‘ began the lawyer. It starts with the fact that the sotsgosproyekt Foundation is organized and operated by the Prime Minister. This is repeated many times. And it’s like a spell, whereas we should have been provided considerable evidence about the organization of the Fund and its management of the Prime Minister, because of this should that Usmanov paid a bribe Medvedev. But nowhere is it written, in what year was organized by the Fund and whether Medvedev at that time Prime Minister. And in fact, we know that he organized in 2009 and at that time Medvedev was Chairman of the government and could not in that capacity, to organize a Fund like you, Alexey, saying…

The plaintiff’s lawyers said that the court was not provided with any document which would indicate that Medvedev is even in something as organized a Fund, as well as “there has been no evidence that and subsequently, the Fund was managed Medvedev.” It was said that the defendant “cannot refer to the fact that the court did not give this evidence of mine.”

But the plaintiff, as noted in the debate, submitted to the court and documents from the Supreme court and Prosecutor General’s office is “much much more” — which States that Usmanov have no criminal record, he is rehabilitated. And Navalny expressed doubts about Usmanov’s lawyers neutralized: “In these concerns, they also have no evidence. Don’t they say: Oh no — let’s indictment, see, here is written that he did, and the court acquitted him. And then say: no, let’s now see the decision on bringing to responsibility. And so to infinity”.

About approval of the FBC that Usmanov pays taxes in another country, representatives of the plaintiff said: “we have documents that Usmanov pays taxes in Russia, not in the UK. Not some penny pays 12 billion for the last year paid for!”

— You need to give a hand to people who dare to insult the honor and dignity of a citizen of Russia, urged the court representatives of the claimant.

— I understood. I sat and listened to you and were perplexed. You just missed our film — faced Alexei Navalny, when it was his turn. — Pretend that the investigation was not, the movie was not.

He reproached the judge that she refused “to survey documents and film” that “leads to the fact that Henry p. is not aware of the situation. He deceived and utters the phrase that Usmanov is immoral to criticize”.

— It is impossible to consider the situation Usmanov in isolation from the rest of the investigation — said Navalny.

Taking the notebook, he read out the statement of the press service of the USM, where it is said that Usmanov is not Russian tax resident. It is, in his words, and angered, so he took over the investigation.

— I relied on your information, the oppositionist said, addressing the representatives of the plaintiff. — You and your publicists are going to sue? You brought us a bunch of documents, may it please the court you played up — 10 minutes to read. And today, due to the fact that we can’t attach anything, you tell us strange things. I also can a bunch of documents to bring and say that they prove anything…

After all, the court ruled that ordered the FCO to remove defamatory Usmanov information and to publish their denial.

“The court ordered me to remove the investigation, “you do not Dimon”. Yes, of course. In a hurry and fall. It is excluded completely,” wrote Alexei Navalny tweeted and told reporters he would appeal against the decision.

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