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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Deputies set child suicide barrier name Spring

May 31, the Federation Council unanimously voted in favor of laws that are intended to “prevent,” as they say representatives of our government, the growth in the number of children’s suicides. Previously, as unanimously voted by the state Duma. The signature of the President, apparently, is guaranteed.

A barrier to anything we have, as usual, is made with the help of the Criminal code. The current story is no exception.

The drafts of these laws were written by the ad hoc working group. It was headed by Vice-speaker of the state Duma Irina Yarovaya, a name that has on colleagues impact akin to nerve gas, killing them all ability to resist. And the explanatory notes there is a reference to the order of the President. Is the background normally guarantees in Parliament, “green street”. And is there really something more terrible and unnatural than the suicide of a child? Those who raise a hand to vote “against”?

Article 110 of the criminal code (“Incitement to suicide”) is now a misdemeanor, the maximum punishment — till 5 years of imprisonment. In 2015 in Russia has sentenced 34 people, and in 2016 — only 10. After the entry into force of acts of Parliament incitement to suicide or to attempt at suicide will face a minimum of two and maximum of six years imprisonment, which automatically translates this crime into the category of serious. If the victim is a minor, pregnant woman, old man or invalid or incitement to suicide was by means of the Internet — imprisonment becomes the only measure of punishment, and its period increases to 5-8 years.

Two new articles serious time (up to 6 years of imprisonment) will be punished for abetment of committing suicide by “persuasion, proposals, bribery, deception or in any other way” and “dissemination of information on methods of committing suicide, as well as calls to commit suicide”: they are written specially for the organizers of the so-called “groups of death” on the Internet, say the authors. Reliable information on how many of the 720 children and adolescents who died in 2016 as a result of suicide, died under the influence of “groups of death”, no. And another new article of the criminal code is written for those adults who involve children in different kinds of fatal fun kind of shaping or rufing the penalty is a fine or imprisonment for a period of 1 year.

All the “suicidal” cases will continue to insurance investigators. The Commission on Affairs of minors will be engaged in the prevention and Roskomnadzor to find in the Internet content associated with a story about the ways of committing suicide, during the day will be obliged to report it to law enforcement — that they had used the new articles of the criminal code…

Pay attention to these laws. Proposed in these formulations can lead to new absurd charges, criminal cases and “landing”. Here are just two comments that were heard during the discussion of the documents in Parliament, but was ignored.

In the official opinion of the Government of the Russian Federation said about the article, which is “about shaping”. It is designed to punish “inducing or otherwise involve minors in the Commission of illegal actions known to the perpetrator represents a danger to the life of minors” — including on the Internet. The term “unlawful acts dangerous to the life of minors” is not disclosed either in the bill or in the legislation of the Russian Federation, say government lawyers and remind you that in accordance with the position of the constitutional court “legal rule should be certain, clear, unambiguous and coherent with the system of applicable legal regulation”.

A second observation was made in the Council chamber of the Federation from the mouth of Senator Elena Mizulina that illiterate lawyer to name language does not turn. Expressing General support for the initiatives discussed, she drew attention to the fact that another new article of the criminal code offers to be tried for “assistance to councils, instructions, granting of information, instruments or means of committing suicide or the removal of obstacles to its Commission”. The story of a parent to a child that certain actions can result in death, left the Windows open, the matches on the table or in an unlocked drawer in the kitchen… “As I would not have to interpreted in the sense that it is not eliminated, they say, barriers or provided information, and begin to attract someone is not necessary,” said Mrs. Mizulina. Ms. Spring concerns colleagues did not share “Any criminal activity implies intent, and these examples cannot be the basis for legal consequences,” she said in SF.

A strange answer, given that many articles in the criminal code, the punishment for careless and unintentional actions.

By the way, more serious crime will now be “promoting” suicide in the form of providing information “in a public statement, publicly performed work, the media or the Internet.” Hello artists and bloggers!


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