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Friday, March 23, 2018

Blame Obama: who uses “relations with Russia” against trump

Investigations into links between the environment of the President of the United States with Moscow turned with renewed vigor. Under suspicion have got almost the entire middle range of trump: his personal attorney, his son, Minister of justice and several former advisers. Because of this, the recent statements of the President almost entirely devoted to the justifications, and interviews are more like interrogations. The impression that under the head of the White house purposefully “dig”, and from several sides. What are seeking detractors of trump?

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“The greatest witch-hunt”

The sudden dismissal of the Director of the FBI James Komi threw Washington into confusion. Democrats, who each in his own way denounced Komi immediately after the election, suddenly joined the ranks of its most ardent defenders. And they were joined by even some Republicans. It is believed that the head of the FBI played a role in the victory trump, re-opening the case against Hillary Clinton a week before the election. And yet trump has deemed his effort insufficient and dismissed under the pretext of poor investigation… against Clinton.

Few people in America believe in such a formal pretext for resignation. The most popular version: Komi was investigating relations environment trump (and maybe himself) with Russia, and the President feared its consequences. These conjectures Trump had to publicly deny on television in interview to TV channel EN-bi-si.

However, the conversation of the White house with host Lester Holt was more like an interrogation. “You were angry at James Komi “Russian” investigation? You say that the Komi Republic have assured you, if you are under suspicion. Three times, say. And when was it? And what exactly did he say? And have you asked him to stop this investigation? And someone from the White house asked for?”, — attacked Holt President, clearly hoping that he did accidentally spill the beans. Trump remained impregnable, though the host, of course, managed to get him on the defensive.

“He samopiarschik, he’s a poser, — described tramp of James Comey, FBI’s been chaos. You know it, I know it. Yes, all know it.” According to the President, office has long been time to get rid of such a leader. However, he did not deny that the Federal Bureau of investigation really finds out the details of the alleged intervention of Moscow in the American presidential election. And trump is confident that despite the resignation of Komi, the investigation will continue.

Now the acting Director of the FBI’s Andrew McCabe confirmed these words. So if the President was hoping for with the dismissal of the Komi Republic to solve their problems, his fight with the Washington establishment resembles the battle against the Hydra: in the place of the severed head of the beast immediately grow two.

At the insistence of Democrats in Congress, the Ministry of justice established a special office of spectracolor investigation of Russian interference in presidential elections and has appointed to it the former head of the FBI Robert Mueller. Of course, this might not like Trump, who considered themselves unjustly offended. “To investigate the illegal actions in the campaign headquarters Clinton and the Obama administration no spectaculorum not appointed! This is the greatest witch-hunt in relation to policy in American history!”, — he reacted.

For trump’s actions justice – another stab in the back. The Ministry thus joined an impressive list of agencies that are eager to participate in the campaign against the President. Even in the White house seems to be infested with “traitors”, judging by the fact that the American media constantly refer to its sources in the presidential administration, which does not paint them a rosy picture of what is happening around the President. According to experts, to the inner circle of the trump in the White house is quite a small number of employees. These are the people whom he has selected and hired personally. All other employees of the presidential office may not approve the actions of the occupant of the Oval office and do everything for his resignation.

Congress contributes

Meanwhile, for the lesser evil of American presidents were under impeachment. The first attempt to force to send the White house the resignation happened in 1868, and the reason was the illegal dismissal of the Minister of war committed by President Andrew Johnson. However, this initiative did not receive the required number of votes in the Senate.

This situation is very similar to the resignation of the Director of the FBI. Many in Congress also believe it is unlawful. The head of the Committee on oversight and government reform of the house of representatives Jason Chaffetz already sent a letter to the inspector General of the Ministry of justice, Michael Horowitz with the request “to check the decision on dismissal of the Director of Komi”.

Surprise can be a revelation of the offended former Director of the FBI. If his investigation and found some evidence of linkages billionaire with Russia, then now is the time to open them. Trump understands this, so has slowly began to threaten the former head of the Agency in his microblog: “James Komi better hope that there are no “records” of our conversations, before you start to leak information to the press”.

But to share information Komi Republic may not only with Newspapers but also with the Senate, which is a parallel investigation of Russian influence on the presidential election. It was the former Minister of justice Sally Yates, who was fired by trump for disobedience (she refused to execute the decree of the President about the migrants). At the hearing of the Senate judiciary Committee, she shared that even on January 26 warned the White house: national security Advisor Michael Flynn lied about his meetings with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak.

However, Flynn remained at his post for another three weeks while the scandal has not resigned. According to Yates, all this time, Moscow could blackmail adviser on national security, as the Kremlin allegedly knew about his lies and was able in this way to elicit secret information to which had access the official.

But the resignation has not helped Flynn to disappear from sight. Committee on intelligence of the Senate sent a summons to the former adviser, requiring it to provide documents and other materials which are necessary for the conduct of the investigation. A similar agenda was received and other former advisers trump, Roger stone and Carter page, who is also believed to have ties with Russia.

Flynn suggested that the Senate voluntarily to testify about his contacts with Moscow, but only in exchange for immunity from prosecution. The higher chamber of Congress from such conditions refused and chose to just make the disgraced adviser to cooperate. And it succeeded: Flynn eventually agreed to pass the Senate with documents relating to his business. James Komi Republic also agreed to report to Congress about its investigation, although no hearing date has not yet been determined.

Congress also has questions for personal trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen. He has come “invitation” to speak to Congress. The lawyer refused, citing the fact that the request was “poorly worded”. However, if Cohen will come to the agenda, to get out will not succeed. The New York Times reports that the lawyer jointly with the Russian side allegedly participated in the development of a secret plan to resolve the conflict in the Donbas. But the accusations against him seem quite so far-fetched: remember of him when not even Russian, and the Ukrainian elite.

Son-in-law and Advisor to the President Jared Kushner, meanwhile, accused that he during a meeting with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak discussed the creation of a secret channel of communication between Moscow and Washington. The channel was not created, but detractors Kouchner don’t care. Therefore, trump’s son-in-law decided not to repeat the mistakes of Flynn and stated its readiness to answer all the questions before Congress.

Doubt the senators and business interests trump in Russia. As a major employer, a billionaire several times visited Russia and met with their Russian colleagues. The President, of course, denied that he had received large sums of money from our country. As proof, his lawyers released data on the income of a billionaire in 10 years. Of them clear that one of Russia’s Trump received only the proceeds from the contest of beauty “Miss universe” (in 2013 it was held in Moscow) and from the sale of real estate for $95 million That the scale of the huge profits of the businessman over the years can be considered as a statistical error.

The good old enemy

According to experts, the alleged ties with Russia is a weak spot of trump, which tries to use the Washington establishment to make the President more manageable. His legislative initiatives are not satisfied with not only Democrats, but also Republicans who are scared of the unpredictability “factor trump”. A possible way out: to impose President’s compromising with all parties on pain of impeachment to be forced to act at the behest of the Republican leadership.

Not the last role in fanning anti-Russian hysteria is played and the American media. Most of them were traditionally inclined to the Democrats, representing large cities and promoting the liberal idea. Therefore, during the election campaign, they clearly supported Hillary Clinton. Trump did not forgive them. The tone that he set in dealing with the press, the journalists seemed an open Declaration of war. And they responded the same to the President. Began to savor any facts, beating on the reputation of the President, including those associated with Russia. Trump, in response only inflamed and every attack on journalists reacted violently in his microblog, indicating what and how actually should cover media. And the American Newspapers do not like to be told.

Maybe the journalists still yearn “Watergate”, for the days when the press was indeed the “fourth estate” and could overthrow presidents. The one who will repeat the success of Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, whose investigative journalism was one of the reasons for the resignation of Richard Nixon, will definitely go down in history. And what reporter doesn’t dream of that?

“Those who spins the threads of relationships trump with Russia, dual purpose, — says researcher of the Center for North American studies, IMEMO ran Alexander Borisov. — First, find some dirt and weaken the position of President because they are still unhappy with the choice of such a head of state. And secondly, it is a purely anti-Russian mood that prevails in Washington. On the one hand, it is absolutely inexplicable: we are already living in another reality. On the other hand, Russia in the USA — very easy “whipping boy”. We have strong economic ties, we in principle are old and have long understood the enemy. That is, Russia and USA will never bring each other to a state of war. So it is very convenient to each other to direct this aggressive rhetoric, knowing that no real military action in response will not follow.

This government is very distanciruemsa from trump. It is in Russia, the government identified with power. In America the government and the President is an independent figure, therefore, the establishment aims in this situation to protect the society from “bad lover”. Especially in the case of possible impeachment. Although at the time of the election, trump the idea of transfer of power to a more “convenient” Vice-President Penny was more real. The more time that passes, the more trump is strengthened by your post, and the less comfortable the idea of impeachment generally. This whole thing with Russia is, of course, may lower its ratings, but I don’t think it will be a sufficient basis for his resignation”.

“The atmosphere of the election campaign carried over to the present day, — said in a conversation with “MK” Director of the Institute of USA and Canada studies Valery Garbuzov. — Therefore, any step of the trump in the direction of Russia is regarded as a confirmation of all those charges which sounded in his address during the election campaign. This opinion was formed a long time and expect that within a few months all suddenly dissolved, would be naive. Source of anti-Russian sentiment is, above all, the democratic party and its leadership, particularly former President Obama, who is not retired. He is young, energetic and frustrated by the results of the elections. Democrats are using the campaign against President trying to prepare for future elections. Just because victory trump they don’t want to swallow and will to fight.”


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