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Friday, March 23, 2018

Why Putin is not “gave back” to the Macron

The new French President macron has received the President of Russia in the capital of the country city of Versailles — this phrase seems to be abuse known to every student of geographical facts. Versailles is really the capital of France, however, ex. After the defeat in the Franco-Prussian war of 1870-1871 and the Paris commune uprising of Versailles for many years was the administrative capital of France. To return to his residence in Paris, the political leadership of the country has dared only in 1879.

photo: kremlin.ru

Why do I mention that funny fact in the context of the blitz-visit of Vladimir Putin to France? Because for connoisseurs of French political history, the name “Versailles” is a symbol of how some political leaders trying to demonstrate their superiority over others. In 1871 the victorious Prussian bosses of state humiliated France, declaring the establishment of the United German Empire in the Mirror gallery of the Versailles Palace. In 1919, the Versailles again became a symbol of national humiliation — this time German. It is in Versailles was signed which ended the First world war peace Treaty, terms which many German citizens felt bonded.

But fast forward to 2017 — the year when the new French President Makron in full compliance with the Versailles political traditions have attempted to demonstrate in Moscow the guest of Vladimir Putin, his superiority. When I asked a prominent member of the inner circle of the GDP me to comment on results of visit of the Russian President to France, I received the following diplomatic reply: “Putin at Versailles behaved very peaceful and save his colleague. He did not answer the Macron, although he was to respond”.

What is behind this low — key wording is clear to everyone who watched the progress of Putin’s visit to France. The desire to emphasize his own greatness is a characteristic of many French leaders. Remember the legendary de Gaulle, which was really what to emphasize. Remember Nicolas Sarkozy, who emphasize was nothing special, but who compensated for this fact pointedly arrogant behavior. But the manner in which Putin took in Versailles, is something exceptional even by French standards.

In all possible ways — starting with the ambiguous wording, “I will be demanding a dialogue with Russia” and ending with curses to the Russia Today at a press conference — the Makron was trying to demonstrate: taking here at Vladimir Putin, I show magnanimity and assist the President of the Russian Federation is a great honor. Honor actually was not particularly great: the visit of the GDP needed Macron ahead is extremely important to him, the parliamentary elections in France. Inviting Putin to Versailles — a policy of which the Makron harshly criticized during the struggle for the presidency, the new President of France showed voters his maturity as a statesman.

In other words, the macron has used Putin’s visit as a tool of their election campaign. And this cannot but cause questions: why Putin it was necessary? Why does he stand? Why didn’t he respond openly rude attacks of the Macron to address Russia Today? Why did he go to Versailles, knowing that the new French President will try here “had a beef”? Why GDP behaved in a completely uncharacteristic of the Tolstoyan manner: when slapped on one cheek, turned the other?

I see only one answer: extremely unfavorable for Russia’s political conditions. In the spring of 2016, it expected substantial easing of European sanctions against Russia next year. This did not happen. After the unexpected election of Donald trump President of the United States all expected significant warming of Russian-American relations. That didn’t happen. In reality, the relations of Russia and the West there has been a significant setback. And the situation is deteriorating. Relations between Russia and the United States have become hostage to internal political struggle in America.

The theme of Russia will be actively used by opponents of the trump for the purposes of his removal from office. And it erodes the possibility of a new administration to achieve at least some positive in relations with Moscow. We have complete stagnation in key areas of Russia’s foreign policy activity. In Ukraine, the official West still pretends that he believes that the Minsk agreement are not met through the fault of the evil Putin. In Syria is banned in our country the ISIL feels at ease because the West can’t decide which is worse — the Russian-backed Assad regime or is it religious extremists?

This situation fits the definition of a “foreign policy crisis”. It does not matter that at the moment the crisis is not acute. Chronic illness is no less dangerous for the public body than acute attacks of the disease. I believe that Putin knows the price of the Macron and sees very well that the new French President is trying to assert itself at his expense. See and consciously choose in the moment the most pragmatic line of conduct towards his new colleague. The city, which “is worth a mass” is, as you know, Paris. But, as demonstrated by Putin’s visit to France, sometimes the “mass costs” and Versailles.

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