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Saturday, March 24, 2018

What will call Merkel not to rely on trump

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was left disappointed with the results of the summit “the big seven” in Sicily. She stated that the time for Europe to “take their destiny in their own hands” and no longer count on the unequivocal support of the United States. The principle of the President trump “America first” left the Europeans behind the us policy. Therefore, the leaders of the G7 countries were unable to agree on a number of issues, primarily about the protection of the environment. “MK” tried to figure out how the cooling of relations between the European Union and the United States will affect the balance of power in Europe.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

“The times in which we could completely rely on others to a certain extent, is over — declared Angela Merkel at a campaign rally in Munich, I experienced it myself not in the last few days. We Europeans do have to take their destiny in their own hands.” The German Chancellor also spoke about the disappointment of the outcome of the recent G7 summit in Sicily. Merkel described them as “very difficult, if not unsatisfactory,” and “six against one” (you can guess what that one was American President Donald trump).

The main stumbling block during the negotiations was the Paris climate agreement from which trump threatened to leave. The agreement provides for a scheduled reduction of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which you need to reduce the use of fossil fuels. Trump, by contrast, promises to remove restrictions on mining and to revive American industry, and global warming and does believe fairy tale. During the G7 summit, he expressed his commitment to respect the Paris agreement, saying that he needed time to think.

Another controversial point is the increase in defense spending of European NATO members. At the informal summit of the Alliance trump strongly urged partners to finally begin to invest in collective security required 2% of GDP. Earlier, the President stated that it makes no sense to defend the “defaulters” (i.e. almost all European members of the Alliance), and his words, he never refused. Most likely, that’s what convinced the German Chancellor that now the EU needs to rely on yourself.

“The situation in Europe will change slightly, because the statement Merkel is still a Declaration of intent, noted in the comment “MK” associate Professor of the Department of integration processes, MGIMO Alexander Tevdoy-Burmuli. — Such declarations, the Europeans have expressed in the last year. Therefore, we can only say that the meeting with trump has not contributed to the warming of relations between the Europeans and the United States, as the EU has a vision of European security.

This does not mean that the Americans will leave Europe, but they want more from her contribution to Euro-Atlantic defense. And for Europe it was always a problem because they had other priorities: money invested not so much in defense as in the social sphere innovations. On the military side they are always covered States. Now, as U.S. demand for greater equity in the distribution of the defense burden, as the Europeans perceive it acutely (they have just a little money for it), from EU leaders, we hear some disturbing rhetoric. In fact, of course, a European army could not be created quickly, so the statements from Merkel and other European leaders does not mean its speedy occurrence.

In any case, a change in the view of Europeans for the collective security will not affect Russia, because our country now nobody is considering as alternatives to the United States to ensure European defence. The United States has been and remains the main strategic ally of the EU. Russia in this sense “the third wheel”. And especially now, after the Crimea”.


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