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Thursday, February 22, 2018

The road to Europe: the experts discussed that will give the proverbial “bezviz” ordinary citizens

Monday, may 29, “MK” held a press conference dedicated to the abolition of visas to the EU for citizens of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia. The notorious “bezviz”, the name of which in February 2014 in Ukraine has perpetrated a coup to take effect

June 11. Moldova enjoys the pleasures of a visa-free regime with the EU from April 2014, and Georgia — March 2017. What has changed for Moldova and Georgia, and that will change for Ukraine after the abolition of visas in Europe? This is discussed guests “MK”: the Ambassador of Moldova in Russia Andrey negutsa, the former head of the Union of Georgians in Russia Mikhail Khubutia, the analysts Nikolai Silayev and Denis Denisov.

photo: pixabay.com

New Moldovan Ambassador spoke on the topic with all its diplomats tact. In his opinion, the abolition of visas in the EU brought to Moldova an absolute good and negative aspects of this solution almost does not matter. Andrew NEGURA announced today that a biometric passport is required for entry to the EU without a visa, have about a million citizens, all with a population of almost 3 million.

“The abolition of the visa regime does not entail for us in practice, any difficulty, — said the Ambassador. — They gave us a visa-free regime on 28 April 2014 and 29 April, we approved the “Guide to citizen of the Republic of Moldova”. According to the Ambassador, the Moldovan authorities have done a great job on informing people about the essence, achieved with EU agreements. As a result, since the introduction of the “bezveze” three years citizens of Moldova possessing biometric passports, called for the EU 2 million 706 thousand 590 times. Only in 0.3% of cases were denied entry and the illegal stay was 0.5% of the total. True, he said Neguta as the right to work “bezviz” does not turn to the Embassy of Romania of those wishing to acquire the nationality of this country have not diminished.

Director of the Institute for peace initiatives and conflict Denis Denisov said that the theme of “bezveze” Ukraine has turned into a big myth. Amid the General stagnation of the state “bezviz” has become a symbol of European integration of Ukraine and at least some positive outcome of the current team. According to political analyst, the main role in a positive decision on the “bezveze” played Poland, which has recently intensified its policy on the involvement of Ukrainian citizens in low-paid work. As the corresponding low-skilled staff, most of Poland was already gone to work in the countries of Western Europe. According to the survey, only 25% of citizens of Ukraine know how to work the visa-free regime in practice, in particular how long you can stay in the EU. Only a third of the population informed about the need to obtain to enter the EU biometric passports. The majority of Ukrainians believes that “bezviz” allows to study and work in Europe, not aware of the need to have a return ticket and hotel reservation. And most importantly: how many citizens of Ukraine will be able to taste the delights of “bezveze”? According to sociologists, this is no more than 3% of the population. Others to visit Europe there is simply no money.

The main opponent, Mr. Ambassador made known public figure Mikhail Khubutia, who recalled that in Russia those who have the financial ability to visit Europe, well do it without “bezveze”.

“I have a visa in the EU for five years, — Khubutia said. — I can fly to any country. And the citizens of Moldova and Georgia must present at the border return tickets, money on the card, hotel reservation. It’s a little humiliating, even for a wealthy businessman, for example.” In addition, according to Khubutia, many citizens of Georgia to lose is simply nothing — and they tend to travel in the EU with one purpose: in order to stay there by hook or by crook, albeit illegally.

With him was General agreement and a representative of the MGIMO-University Nikolai Silayev, who emphasized that the real “bezviz” is when people on the border makes only your passport, but not a complete package of documents, which were previously necessary for obtaining a visa at the Embassy.

Watch the video on:
“”Bezviz” with the European Union: real benefit or political PR”



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