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Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Queen’s sister tried to kill her and make a revolution

A real Palace coup happened recently in the first colonies of African rodents – ageless the naked mole rat, which were brought to the laboratory of academician Skulachev in the Moscow state University. Lomonosov from the Berlin zoo. The Queen of the colony tried to kill her sister, calling the kinship together a group of diggers – rebels.

As reported “MK” the staff of the laboratory, some time after moving in the family of naked mole rats all went peacefully. In the Depository of the living systems at MSU for animals was created the most comfortable conditions of stay: the temperature is below 30 degrees, humidity, red light (because the diggers underground animals and do not respond well to daylight). University staff also built for newcomers to the labyrinth for shelter from Plexiglas, the rodents are accustomed to live with the space for the bedroom, dining room and other outbuildings, fed them the finest root vegetables — potatoes, carrots and even sweet potatoes.

That animal is pretty comfortable in the new place, talked and their growing number in the end of 2016, when the Queen gave birth to 5 kids, they became 31. And suddenly had an emergency. It all started with the mysterious death of one of the husbands mother’s family (the diggers only the Queen has the right to reproduce and for this purpose she has 1-2 of her husband) – he was found dead during cleaning of the maze. It was later revealed that it was her only husband. A few days later, a riot broke out. The staff of the laboratory, studying the diggers, I heard some banging around and squeaking from the compartment where the labyrinth is located. On entering there, they saw that in one of the corridors there is a battle – Queen, and the only remaining loyal servant attacked by a group of diggers headed one of the regular diggers accounted, by the way, the sister of the Queen. By this time both members of the Royal family were seriously injured – the Queen of the broken spine, and her servants are corrupt mouth. If not for the intervention of the staff of the laboratory, which separated the fighters, the animals would face certain death. Fallen monarchs was sent out first in a small container, and then the engineering Department of MSU urgently built them a new a small maze. Unfortunately, the guard could not be saved and after a while it died. As the diggers as truly social animals are unable to live alone, the researchers decided to take a chance and relocate to the “Queen in exile” a number of young diggers from the main colony, which by this time already firmly established power of the latter-day Queen of the aggressor. Luckily accommodate the workers, the diggers recognized his former Queen, and began to care for her – to feed, to build a maze, etc.

Now, after several days in the way of life of naked mole rats, nothing reminds about the incident of the revolution, except for the hump on the back of the victim. Moreover, the addition is now expected in both colonies, because the exiled Queen, it seems, chose a new husband from among the faithful old crown.


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