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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Makron was able to hurt Putin’s talks went on for three hours

Negotiations at Versailles demonstrated that in the face of 39-year-old Emmanuel macron of the old Europe has got a new “infant Terribl” which is really capable to conduct a “demanding” dialogue with the mastodons. At a press conference after a meeting with Vladimir Putin, a young French leaders was openly, boldly, and even brazenly, and the word “I” from his mouth sounded much more than appropriate for a case of diplomatic “we.” The Russian President obviously did not expect such pressure. And even found something to object to when the Makron publicly called the Russian state-run media “agencies of influence” and “false propaganda”.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

In vain the French were afraid that On the Makron will not stand the test of Vladimir Putin, arrived in France with one-day working visit. (With such titles came on Monday, leading French media). The young leader has learned the main principle of the Musketeers, described by Alexandre Dumas, and to not have to defend himself, immediately went on the attack. His speech to reporters, he began with a reminder that the main purpose of Putin’s visit to Versailles is the opening of the exhibition dedicated to Peter I. And he Russian king 300 years ago arrived in France only that “to learn the secrets of a great Kingdom, to surprise the world.” It was here that he was inspired by the “many ideas”, which, according to Macron, allowed to upgrade “your country”.

Vladimir Putin missed the hint in his opening remarks, did not fail to remind the French leader that the relations of Russia and France did not begin 300 years ago, but much earlier, when the wife of king Henry I was the daughter of Yaroslav the Wise Anna. “That it marks the beginning of two of the French Royal dynasty of the Bourbons and Valois, one of which still reigns in Spain,” showed a remarkable knowledge of the tree of monarchical Europe’s GDP. By this time he, apparently, already understood that in the face of a young Makron has acquired a strong partner, which constantly need to be alert.

Meanwhile, the French leader has told to journalists about specific results of the negotiations. Decided to activate the channel format, which will replace macron, françois Hollande. At the next meeting of the “Quartet” its report about what is really going on in the South-East of Ukraine, according to the French leader, will represent the OSCE. With regard to bilateral relations, Moscow and Paris have decided to start small and strengthen cultural interaction especially that the post of culture Minister in the new French government went to the publisher Pushkin and Dostoevsky. In addition, both presidents called for more regular and fruitful contacts between representatives of civil society. And even agreed to create a Russian-French forum, which commemorates the Versailles meeting will be called “the Dialogue of Trianon”. Of course, in the context of civil society could not do without mentioning the oppression of gays in Chechnya. “I’m reminded how important it is for France to respect all minorities, and I made clear to President Putin expects France on this issue!” sternly frowning, said macron.

And even on Syria, French leader spoke in a tone and with such conviction that his country really plays first fiddle in the settlement of the conflict. “For me there are two “red lines” is the use of chemical weapons and restricting access by civilian populations to humanitarian assistance. Who will cross, will have no mercy on them!” – threatened macron. And presumptuous he added: “I want to win the fight against terrorists in Syria!”

This time the eloquence of the master could not touch the live of Vladimir Putin, who, no doubt, also wants to win this fight. And obviously has that much more reason.

France contributes to the fight against terrorism within the framework of the international coalition led by the United States. As far as France is independent in making decisions, we don’t know, mildly besieged colleague, the Russian President. However, that said GDP, the “many things” in the context of the Syrian conflict and the fight against terrorism, Moscow and Paris look the same. It paves the way for the organization of a working group of Russian and French experts for a more focused search of “points of contact”.

See photo essay on the topic:

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8 photos

Naturally, the representatives of the French media wanted to know did you raise an issue about the alleged involvement of Russian hackers in the election campaign in France? And how we should regard the invitation to Marie Le Pen in the Kremlin a week before voting day? Russian journalists, in turn, tried to find out why they were not accredited to the headquarters of Macron. The first received a polite, albeit predictable response. Vladimir Putin said that the intervention of the hackers was not discussed because there is no subject for conversation. And Marie Le Pen does not hide his sympathy for Russia, so the Kremlin had no reason to ignore her request for a meeting. “And in General it often happens in Moscow”, – reported GDP.

French President pull any punches did not and broke out in response to tough tirade, calling “Russia Today” Agency “Sputnik” “bodies of influence” and “false propaganda”. “Those who spread the slander, did not have access to my staff. These rules are very simple, and so they will be,” said macron. However, his claims to the media is not over. As it turned out, political geeks do not like not only libel, but also clarifying and stupid questions from journalists. To latest Emmanuel macron took an innocent request to tell about their personal impressions of the meeting with Vladimir Putin: we did not have the notorious “chemistry”?

I never believed that in politics it is necessary to comment on issues of “personal chemistry,” the cold cut the French President.

And again nothing to comment on, hence, no chemistry arose.

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