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Friday, March 23, 2018

Taormina and “seven”: here Russian spirit, here smells

Taormina is a magical town in Sicily. Its called iridescent multicolored pearl of the Ionian sea. And no wonder it was in Taormina, the “Big seven” (G7) decided to hold a meeting on the protection of the environment, or rather, to force the United States to join the Paris agreement, without which it will turn into a blank piece of paper, as China and the United States – are the main “polluters” of our planet. The organizers of the meeting made a psychological expectation that the American President is Donald trump, admiring the “pearl of the Ionian sea” from their apartments to join, finally, to the agreement depressed (or inspired?) the beauty of earth, sea and sky.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Two days of stay G7 in Taormina, this town was turned into a “police state”. But even hundreds of carabinieri had nothing to do with Taormina, which still remained the “post card” Italy, in the rays which bathe the stars of the reality show, aging playboys and… burdened with dollars and euros no longer “new Russian”. Here confusion reigns exclusive yachts, private aircraft, and long-legged mannequins, a ball which is ruled by Satan-Mephistopheles.

One of the giants Senor Dino Papale shows reporters the chambers of the trump. This 69-year-old fat man, lawyer, promoter and Bon vivant with a red trompowsky Golf cap on his head with the slogan “let’s Make America great again”.

— I am the President of the Sicilian club of fans of trump, just in case says Papale.

From Mephistopheles to trump just one step, paved with Golden tiles…

Apartments trump were in the hotel “Grand Hotel timeo”.

Mr. Papale, removing the “let’s Make America great again” and exposing your gray hair says:

I met Donald trump a few years ago. Since I am the head of the Sicilian club and his fans, I was invited to the inauguration.

A few days after trump’s office, the local newspaper “La Sicilia” reminded his readers that Papale was invited trump to visit their piece of Paradise in June 2013. Trump agreed, and arrived three days remained incognito in the hotel “Atlantis Bay”.

In his garden, smelling roses, Papale denied the note of the newspaper as a pure fiction:

— Trump has never been to our town — he insisted.

But, according to special correspondent of the “new York times” Jason Horowitz present at the same time, Papale was not so categorical, when switched to the detail.

Although trump could be in Taormina, as everything can be true. Isn’t it? If a friend tells you: “I go, but no one must know about it, what you do in this case? — Papale said with a sly voice and went to Taormina a very modest city. Here the Americans and the Russians often.

Breathed the first impulse of the “Russian spirit”…

The white house has not responded to requests from reporters — was the trump in Taormina or not? Even incognito.

This time (G7) to the arrival of trump, no one doubted. Local trapianti waited impatiently for the appearance of his standard bearer.

— I feel like a tramp, — said Vittorio Sabato, known among residents as “Silvio Berlusconi Taormina” not so much because of medium height and wears her hair, black subordinating his age, and even the style of his behavior, but because of his success in business and politics.

“Berlusconi Taormina” arrived in the city, wandering through its steep turns on a BMW. He apologized that he could not come to belong to him “Maserati” or “Porsche” and referred to in this landscape.

But upon arrival, he was interested in not so much a trump, as the trump Board. (Sabato announced his candidacy for mayor of the town.)

Trump, his family and advisers had expressed his admiration for Italy. “A great nation. Love Italy” — and then repeated the trump still taking in the White house with Italian Prime Minister.

But the knowledge of Italy, trump is very limited. In 1998, he and Paolo Zampolli, Manager of model Agency and business partner of trump, arrived in Milan in search of real estate. Zampolli says, trump visited the fashion Week in the time of the show, Gianfranco Ferre. He was sitting in the front row with famed singer Eartha Kitt, which was referred to as “Puma”. Then, trump visited the show. There he famously courted the model Kate moss, shaken by her pink hair. Doing it and got busted by the paparazzi.

Wife trump, newcomers and current associated with Italy is much denser. When Melania trump, the future first lady of America, began modeling in her native Slovenia, her father, a Communist often drove his daughter to Milan. It was there that “opened” her Zampolli and in the mid 50-ies was introduced to trump.

First wife Ivana trump “likes Italian men,” says Rossano Rubicondi, who was her fourth husband. He was 23 years younger than Ivana, when briefly married her in 2008. Rubicondi still glad of his relationship with the Trumps. Now he is working on a new reality show about opening a pizza place near the Palace Mar-a-Lago, the presidential residence in Florida. But Tarnowskie partners in Italy think that the friendship with Rubicondi hurting their business.

Italian entrepreneur Flavio Briatore, acting behind the scenes Night club of billionaires, familiar with prison bars — he was a card hustler — for which he was excluded from participation in car races “the Formula-1”. For life. But he is the father of world famous model Heidi Klum is the star of the Italian version of trunovskogo of “The Apprentice” (“Student”). In Italian is “Apprentice,” trump says: “I wanted to make friends with only one person, but it was Flavio”.

In may 2016, “only one” Flavio boasted the Italian newspaper La Stampa over the weekend that he had held in 1990 in Paris with the trump. “I think I’m the first who introduced it to Europe,” says this card sharper. Another Italian newspaper “La Repubblica”, published in Rome, recommends Briatore as the “best Italian friend of trump.”

But now our Flavio in his spokeswoman claims that he never saw trump in Italy, they ran into each other in Paris, and that even this “clash” was largely a “publicity gesture”.

Unlike Flavio loyalty Papale invincible Trump…

When Papale visited reporters, he took them to his Desk, which laid out most of his prized Souvenirs. They are located around the medal, which is awarded him by the Russian government. (Remember how the Secretary of state Tillerson received the order from the hands of Vladimir Putin? But Tillerson was not just the Italian, and the main powerful oil company.)

Near the Russian medal reclines brochure for trompowsky Grand condominiums located in coveted Russian rich places — shore Islands of Florida. (There is no smell of a Russian spirit, but also the Rus.)

Papale was introduced to trump his “dear friend” Elena Baronoff, a Soviet immigrant who worked as an exclusive agent silovogo trump. She helped the future President of America to sell the Russians on $ 100 million apartments in Florida and Italy.

Madame Baranoff, which went to the afterlife in 2015 (probably, it sells Tarnowskie condominiums both in heaven and in hell), was personally familiar with many Russian figures of the first magnitude.

However, who would believe Papale, that will be mistaken. So contrary to newspaper reports that trump visited Taormina before, Papale said that it was not trump, but a fabulously rich developer Michael Dezer who sold Tarnowskie Florida condominiums. In 2012, Papale was awarded Dezera Media medal Taormina named Wolfgang von Goethe, who praised Italy for their stunning poems. “Although this award is for poets and writers, Dear, a friend of trump, really wanted to get her and I really wanted to give it Decere,” recalls Papale.

Standing on the balcony of his Palazzo, Mr. Papale showed reporters pictures of his iPad. Here it is in the personal plane of Mr. Dezer. But in the limo, “rolls-Royce” Madame Baranoff. But in the trump tower in the day of presidential elections in the United States. But by trump after his victory.

Papale raise up the thumbs of both hands and proclaims:

— Here’s Donald!..

I somehow think that the organizers of the meeting of the G-7 chose Taormina as the place of their vigil is no accident. They apparently wanted to use this earthly Paradise as a kind of shotgun. Like a hymn to earthly nature and as a reminder to Trump about his links with Russia, during which he “gave” the Russian Minister of state secrets of America, actuated in Israel.

It’s good (for trump) that the Russian Ambassador in Washington had not set foot on the land of the blessed Taormina…

Melor STURUA in Minneapolis


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