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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

On the banks of the Volga was found “master spirit” who finds dinosaurs

Paleontologists from Russia and other countries was found near Ulyanovsk the remains of an ancient waterfowl reptiles. Creature belonging to the genus of pliosaurs, called Luskhan itilensis, which can be translated as “master spirit of the Volga.” According to scientists, waterfowl animal lived 130 million years ago, in the time of dinosaurs.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Plesiosaurs, and, in particular, the pliosaurs, which differs from other representatives of this group a short neck, mostly lived in seawater, but some species, such discovered by experts lived in the rivers. For these animals was characterized by a barrel body, long fins and large teeth and powerful jaws. They ate fish, mollusks and smaller reptiles. Despite the similar name and even some resemblance to dinosaurs living in those days, the plesiosaurs had relatively “distant” relatives.

A fragment of the skull of the animal was discovered 15 years ago by a Russian paleontologist Gleb Uspensky. That animal was large, speaks eloquently of the fact that the length of the skull is one and a half meters. Experts suggest that the length of the whole body of the reptile reached six and a half meters.

One of the main features discovered species scientists call the narrow front part of the jaw — she somewhat resembled the jaw of marine dolphins, reports nplus1.ru. Reportedly, the name of the new species were chosen based ancient Mongolian and Turkic mythology

Specialists say their finding helps to better understand what ecological niche was occupied by the plesiosaurs during the Cretaceous period. – in all likelihood, they could be not only the “apex predators” at the top of the food chain or fast-moving fishers fish as was assumed until now.

Their study, the researchers presented in the scientific journal Current Biology.


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