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Monday, February 19, 2018

Macron Putin met with king: Versailles is closed to visitors

The first meeting of Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron in Versailles without the traditional in such cases, introductory phrases, but the French journalists did not upset. Their attention was riveted on the hands. After Donald trump almost broke the Makron hand, all of France froze in anticipation: do not want the Russian President is also to test the strength of a young colleague?

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

The world-famous Versailles, although it has the status of state residence, is rarely used for international meetings. Predecessor of Macron, françois Hollande during five years of presidency only twice was received here of the distinguished guests. And Nicolas Sarkozy, with whom, as is commonly believed, Putin formed the most friendly relations, only once: in 2007, the state rooms of Versailles had been … Muammar Gaddafi.

Of the Russian leaders honor to be accepted in the residence “sun king” was previously awarded to Boris Yeltsin. In 1992, françois Mitterrand thus tried to apologize for some disparaging with his hand against the President of the new Russia. However, the most memorable event from the recent past of the Palace became the summit “the big seven” in 1982. Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher were received there with a truly Royal scale. In the best traditions of Louis XIV leaders staged a nighttime stroll through the fragrant gardens and fireworks.

French journalists did not hide his surprise choice of Macron, who decided to continue the modern history of Versailles meeting with Vladimir Putin. The gesture, according to them, is hardly spontaneous: it is high for the visit had to close one of the major tourist attractions of France, and the meeting regardless of the result of acquired historical character. “But do your poutine with a cargo of French grandeur, which in these walls presses from all sides?” – not without malice they said, apparently referring to a secret intention of Macron. Naive! “The question we must ask differently: as you know, in principle, “our” Putin “your” greatness?” – tonal joked someone from the Russian colleagues.

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However, when the presidential motorcade drove up to the porch of the Palace of Versailles, the media attention has switched to handshake between the two leaders. After Donald trump, welcoming Macron, almost ripped his arm off, the French had every reason to worry about the limbs of their young President. Especially because this time he was meeting not just with an experienced and influential politician, but also a master of sports in judo.

However, Vladimir Putin testing the strength of the Makron did not limited to greeting, to which the Protocol service had taught him still a certain number of years ago: extending the French leader’s right hand, the left he lightly touched his shoulder. According to psychologists, this handshake symbolizes friendship and the willingness to trust the dialogue, so often used by politicians.

After meeting on the red carpet of the presidents proceeded to the corner room of the Palace, where he was left alone with the interpreters. GDP had previously had experience of communication with representatives of the so-called “new wave” of the European establishment – the young politicians in the age of about forty. And I must say that with two of them – Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and former Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Renzi, despite the age difference, no problem managed to find a common language.

See photo essay on the topic:

Putin and Makron test of brutality: footage of the meeting

8 photos

The Kremlin warned in advance that the approved agenda of the meeting at Versailles has not, and the signing of any documents is not expected. Presidents it is important to meet and “feel out” each other’s positions on a range of issues – from Ukraine and Syria and ending with the recently announced reform of the European Union. In this sense, the greatest interest the talks are primarily for the Russian side: suddenly popped up on the political scene Makron remains a “dark horse”, whereas the role of Vladimir Putin and his statements do not change for several years now. However, French journalists and then worried. “Putin is probably very upset, when he beat the Makron. What are you going to do now?” – they groaned.

Luckily for the leaders, the nuances of the election campaign already in the past. After talking tête-à-tête, which lasted about an hour macron invited the Russian President and other members of the delegation at a restaurant, “Ducasse’or”, located in one of the pavilion of the Park of Versailles. “Ora” translates from Latin as the mouth, creating an allusion to the true French love for gastronomic pleasures. And Ducasse is the name of the world’s most famous chef, winner of 21 star restaurant rating Michelin’s and$ 60 million in annual revenue. To receive Russian guests, the chief gardener of Versailles provided the restaurant with fresh vegetables, which made one of their signature dishes Ducasse baked (the dish is baked in a small mold). By the way, to join the high French cuisine in ordinary days can be anyone: a modest Breakfast will cost 35 euros.

Finally toward evening, the presidents reached the main, according to the official announcement, the purpose of the visit, the GDP of the exhibition dedicated to Peter I. the Russian Tsar arrived in Paris in may 1717 and spent several days in Versailles, located in the Palace of the Grand Trianon, which is now brought exhibits from the Hermitage and library Sciences. They tell about the personality of the monarch, his thirst for travel and new knowledge: as in France, Peter visited the French Academy of Sciences, the Arsenal, the pharmaceutical house, the Botanical gardens, the Paris Observatory, several manufactories, and a Coin house. The French shocked the leisure of Russian guests: witnesses claimed that the entourage of the king often had to carry the crews to the hotel after the “fun”. Peter himself wrote to his wife after Easter of Calais, the reserves of alcohol at the end: “And kreesha flash only one left, don’t know how to be.”

However, about this aspect of travel, marked the beginning of the establishment of diplomatic relations and special ties between Russia and France, the exhibition tells nothing….



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