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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Dmitry Medvedev has declared war to subcontractors in the construction

A new era of aircraft and anti-fraud in construction — such issues were discussed on Monday, may 29, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting with Deputy Prime Ministers.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The key event of last week, according to Medvedev, was the Sunday test flight of new Russian aircraft — MS-21 aircraft and helicopters ka-62.

Watch the video on:
“The successful flight of the new aircraft MS-21 first took to the sky”


“This is an extraordinary event for our country — said the Prime Minister. — It seemed that we have lost competence in aircraft construction. But these tests have shown that it is not. It was a new story”.

Both winged novelties announced as a revolution in the design. In their basis of new composite materials. The plane is made of them 40%, chopper, 60. All tests conducts star crew: Heroes of the Russian OKB Yakovlev.

As was expressed at the meeting over the aircraft working pros. In the car, pumped-to-date software. The smart system is designed to protect the iron bird from fatal error crew, which could mean a stall in a Bank or going into a tailspin. Serial production of the new aircraft will be released in 2019. Every year it is planned to roll off the Assembly line 70 cars.

The new helicopter will also be serial. The event sounded technical specs: 1-2 person crew, 15 passengers and 2 tons of cargo in the cab and 2.5 ton overhead equipment. The machine is multi-purpose: on the helicopter it will be possible to throw the food for polar explorers in the Arctic, and roll tourists in the Crimea. Such multicompetency opportunity has been achieved also thanks to the composite materials from which is made not only housing but also the blades of a helicopter.

Another revolution, which was announced in the government — in the construction sector. In the Cabinet are keen to put an end to the now traditional practice, in which the state contract for construction of the wins by one firm, concrete and slabs provides another work — third, and for the result no answer. Now to find out “who made the suit”, should become easier.

“I signed the document, which applies to procurement in the field of construction and reconstruction. There’s been a lot of abuse — said Dmitry Medvedev. — Have the contract and are a fan of subcontractors, which sometimes number in the tens”.

The Prime Minister complained that under the current system, to really understand who is responsible for what, it is impossible. One subcontractor may have their own sub-subcontractors. The contractor just dispense money. In particular, the Prime Minister said, there is such a problem in the construction of medical perinatal centers.

The new document also sets the types of work that the General contractor has won the tender for the construction company will be required to perform strictly on their own, without the involvement of any third party.

“Every contractor should have their own staff, their capacities, units and workers. Not to say that I hire a subcontractor and he will do it,” Medvedev said.

As noted by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak, the original share of the work, which will be the General contractor yourself, will be 15 percent of the amount of the contract. From 1 July 2018, this share will increase to 25 percent. As a result, the system will remain the only real construction companies, not traders of contracts without a single worker in the state. According to Kozak, the judicial practice shows that such firms often are not calculated with the builders. Vice Prime Minister assured that this flawed system will be posed a barrier.

“We hope that this will lead to a radical decrease in the number of lipograsil and improve the situation in the construction industry”, — concluded the head of government.


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