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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Bulk requires sacrifices: opposition filed an application for action June 12

Don’t need to be psychic to assume that Russia Day is coming next riots under the banner of Alexei Navalny. The staff of FBC began to apply for the corruptibility of the shares on 12 June in 212 cities across the country led by the capital of our country. In his blog Alex, not waiting for a response from the mayors, have already announced that the government will interfere with the peaceful protest.

Even a special procedure for the approval of the shares from 1 June to 12 July in connection with carrying out in Russia of the Confederations Cup (all public shares that are not sports-related, to be conducted only in areas that will determine the local authorities in coordination with FSB) believes the opposition directed against him personally. Bulk spoiling for a fight. And then — batons, police, scandal, tears of defenders…

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Last Monday in may was the first day of filing for shares on 12 June. Navalny and his comrades advised the Metropolitan municipality of his intention at 8.00 sharp in the opening of the institution. The place and time everyone can find on the page of the blogger that hosts a copy of the notice. It is the center. In the paper, authorities are reminded that they must give a positive response or start a discussion of the application within three days.

How is such a decision, it can be concluded from the fragment of my conversation with the head of legal Department at FBK Ivan Zhdanov.

— Do you think that the municipality will agree to your promotion?

— We have a legal requirement to the authorities — to coordinate a public event in the city centre. Agree or not — it’s like the weather outside, but we cannot take away the constitutional right to go to the March and rally. We are required only to notify the authorities about the action.

Who personally at city hall made that decision?

— Sergey Ivanovich Bahar from the Department of regional security, we work with him.

— Can you share his phone?

— I don’t have his phone.

— How did you contact him and find out agreed action or not?!

— He found us, can send an e-mail.

— And if an e-mail about a ban you will not come?

— Then we will assume that the action agreed, and are going to do it.

And history will repeat with batons?

— Reason for the ban on our public event no. If we did not know about the existence of the failure, we believe the event is automatically consistent.

Here’s a reliable feedback, giving Navalny and his associates the moral right not to spend hours at the negotiating table with the officials, just to go to the streets and all.

In other campaign locations the situation is similar. Navalny has said: “In many regions of expected power began to be engaged in petty cheating. At the opening of the premises of the mayor’s office found “young guard “United Russia”, which applied to virtually all area in the city. In Barnaul the rogue, known for his uporotyh, sent natural bandits with threats to ordered (bandits was sent). In Novosibirsk all has sharply gone to the meeting”.

And no need to wait for their meeting, right? In General, the government are guilty in advance.

Incidentally, I’m not going to castigate the Bulk of what he brings youngsters under the police batons. Let him blame that on the parents of young corruption fighters. And even more let these parents blame themselves for not dissuaded offspring to leave the dangerous action.

The bulk bends the line of street politics, which is much more profitable to him the action was dispersed by the “bloody regime”. This will cause resonance, and a concerted campaign without incident may not be of interest to the viewer. But why does the government repeatedly fall for this hook? Yes agree you him March and rally! And help to spend to go no Bunny gets hurt! And you will beat trump from navalnovskie sleeves.

But the government as though specially created around Alexei new information occasions, making him a hero for the young, “the only opposition politician.” And most of these young people who have already “suffer for the idea” that officials and police, dispersing the action, as the sculptors sculpt professional revolutionaries, who will go for Bulk in the new battle.

The Bulk Business. Chronicle of events

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