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Friday, March 23, 2018

The country wants Shoigu: Putin’s rating has fallen, Medvedev has crippled the investigation of Bulk

Another poll showed that Putin is trusted by 49.6% of respondents. He remains the undisputed leader of public opinion, but one only may have lost 1%. His rating for the first time in many years fell below 50%! Sergei Shoigu at the same time scored 3% and came in strong second place after the President. Simultaneously made and the Confidence rating, it was headed by Vladimir Zhirinovsky, and the second became the Prime Minister Medvedev. What are these races of the popularity of leading politicians and if they say that the electorate “feels”, looking for a new leader of the country? This “MK” asked the Director of the Center for political technologies Igor Bunin.

photo: kremlin.ru

– Putin’s rating cannot endlessly stand at the height of China, sooner or later, he should gradually begin to fall. We all understand that “Crimean consensus” is not a perpetual motion machine. But the decline of confidence in Putin will not be critical, because it is perceived as a symbol of Russia, a significant part of the population. A whole generation that doesn’t know anyone but Putin. We have no functioning Parliament, no proper political parties and institutions of civil society, but there’s Putin, who arrives in a blue helicopter and binds their attention the whole of Russia, solving all the problems. It is the same symbol as the emblem or flag. So his approval rating is sliding synchronously with the popularity of the emblem and the flag — that is, not much.

Output Shoigu at a strong second place in the rating of trust can be associated with the rumors that he will run for the next presidential election instead of Putin?

Of course, these “successors” only in my mind at least four. And the President will be the one who should. No, I think that Shoigu respondents valued for something else: he is a symbol of reliability, but not the dove and the hawk. It is in Russia always respected.

Prime Minister Medvedev flew to the rating of trust to the humiliating place, and in the confidence rating — up to second. That is worse – only Zhirinovsky. How did this happen?

– This was the result of Navalny’s revelations, which are read by millions of people. The rating of Medvedev was always synchronized with the rating of Putin, is attached as the lead. And now the thread was broken, and Medvedev flew down.

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The credibility of politicians (VTSIOM)

Vladimir Putin 49.9% Of

Sergei Shoigu 18,5%

Sergei Lavrov 15,3%

Dmitry Medvedev 15,3%

Distrust of politicians (VTSIOM)

Vladimir Zhirinovsky 26,8

Dmitry Medvedev 16,5%

Gennady Zyuganov 13,4%

Sergei Mironov 4,8%

Alexei Navalny Is 3.8%

Vladimir Putin 2.9 Percent

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