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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Ukraine on the way to the final solution of the “Russian question”

“The hunchback grave will correct, and the stubborn jerk”. This proverb perfectly reflects what is happening with Ukraine and Donbas. Conflict that could end in 2014, giving Donbass autonomy dragged on for years, and the death toll is over 10 thousand. This stems from the stubbornness of post-Maidan Ukrainian government, which, in contrast to Yanukovych, all good. And the implementation of the Minsk agreements, which could be construed by right-wing populists as a failure and lead to a new Maidan, not merely postponed, and becomes impractical.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Photo: Perohanych

At this time the mouth of the Secretary of the presidential envoy to the Ukrainian group in Minsk Durka olifer was announced following position: we will begin to implement the agreement, if Russia refuses the recognition of the documents in DPR and LPR republics will cancel the “external management” at the enterprises of Ukrainian jurisdiction and the circulation of the ruble and the Lakomka finally – there will be a “restoration of Ukraine’s control over the border.” Neither to add, nor to add.

Diplomats from the Norman Quartet, for sure, tired of the rudeness of the Ukrainian side. Kiev dictate terms as if his tanks within an hour or two is able to ride through the streets of Donetsk and Lugansk. On the one hand, this is a game from “strong”, which, by the way in case of conflict, Ukraine is not in military terms to speak of the superiority of the APU is not necessary. On the other hand, delaying the final entry of the agreement into force, Poroshenko is trying to wait for the West to put pressure on Russia and the Donbass will fall into his hands Aki a fresh Apple.

With this purpose, undertaken a flurry of activity on introduction of bans and burning the bridges with Russia and Donbass: trade embargo, refusal to exchange prisoners, the ban St. George ribbon, Russian social networks, and now, as it turns out, July 1, and railway communication with Russia. Here I was a bit mistaken – thought that would be the turn of the UOC of the Moscow Patriarchate. But religious organizations have decided to draw. However, the final decision of the “Russian question” in Ukraine is a reality of everyday life. Probably thus, Poroshenko is trying to eliminate Pro-Russian bridgehead on the territories controlled by Ukraine. But it turns and the final loss of Donbass – not for a year or two, and in historical perspective – forever. Poroshenko understands this, but he had no choice. However, to retain power he is unlikely to help because the Ukrainian revolution in addition to national, there is a different plane – social, in which Poroshenko as a fish on sand.

The negotiating tactics of the Ukrainian differs from Russian. If Moscow, for the umpteenth time called for compliance with the agreements, the Kiev each time finds excuses and reasons that would serve as a “prequel” to the fulfilment of the conditions under which the Ukrainian leadership signed the report. The constitutional reform? Yes, what constitutional reform, then the border under the control of republics and Russia. That can not be otherwise, Ukrainians are well aware. And their opposition – the operation to rescue the reputation of a particular person. Mr. Poroshenko.

At the same time to save the Ukrainians who work in Russia, Kiev is not going. After the cancellation of railway communication they have only the choice between expensive and cheap air flight, but it is extremely uncomfortable trips on buses. “Let him let the work in Europe!” – that is likely to respond Poroshenko. And then, Oh, the visa-free regime presented, and they, in Russia the bars.

Generally, it is a very interesting experiment – the gradual attack on the freedom of people in the name of fighting with Russia. Someone will say that something similar happened with the fascist regimes in Europe, but then still kept the fight against the Communist threat posed by the Russian in your rod of the Soviet Union. In Ukraine directly without any anti-Soviet husk speak: Russian language is a key element of hybrid war. The head of the Donetsk region (government-controlled) Pavel Zhebrivsky just the other day and said without any hesitation. And the money went to count for the prizes to the winners of the translation of signs in the city the Ukrainian movu.

What kind of implementation of the Minsk agreements with short, medium or long term, the Ukrainian side can say when the country deliberately changing cultural and linguistic landscape – essentially, a synonym for political rights. The current Ukraine – it is not even Yushchenko’s orange Square 2000 years, in which Russian was considered a natural part of Ukrainian society. The ongoing homogenization of similarly was last held in the former Yugoslav republics in the 1990s.

It is clear that not all citizens turn in response to the Ukrainians to Autonomous Donbass and Zakharchenko in Parliament to endure.


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